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Tinder adds ‘Moments’ photo-sharing feature that disappears after 24 hours

tinder moments photo sharing

Tinder wants to help you get to know your match a bit better before you meet up. Now, Tinder is adding a new photo-sharing feature called “Moments” that lets you snap a picture of yourself doing something cool that illustrates your personality and shares it with all your matches, according to TechCrunch.

Before Tinder added Moments, users could only send messages to their matches, but we live in a visual world and words just don’t quite cover it anymore. Tinder hopes the new feature will make it easier to forge deep connections between Tinder users, instead of a series of superficial flings and disappointing dates. It’s easy to find a match on Tinder, but it’s much harder to get to know them.

In this age of selfies, people like to see what others are doing and how they look doing it. It’s one thing to say you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, but it’s another to share a picture of yourself enjoying those things. You can even edit your photos and add text or drawings to make the most of each post.

Pictures shared on Tinder using the new Moments feature aren’t supposed to hang around forever, though. Tinder says that once your matches have seen the photo, they can swipe to “like” your Moment or to say “nope” to it. The photo will disappear within 24 hours and you’ll see who liked it and who didn’t. You’ll be able to strike up conversations with those who like your Moment in the Matches or Chat tab. Theoretically, this should help you make smarter matches. If one of your matches keeps sending you annoying or lame images, you can block their posts or report them to Tinder.

Tinder certainly isn’t the first app to add ephemeral photo sharing to its app. Snapchat started out that way and Facebook is reportedly working on a new app called Slingshot that will also incorporate self-destructing photos.

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