US soldier covers his Pentax DSLRs in sand and water, proves camera durability

If you think only gadget reviewers and advertising agencies perform device durability tests and post them on YouTube, think again. While it’s generally advised to not try these sort of stunts at home, it would make sense of that of all fearless individuals to create their own toughness tests, one American soldier would be the one who decides to cover his Pentax DSLR cameras with sand before rinsing them in the showers just to prove the devices still work.

The two Pentaxes in question are the K-5 and K-7 models, both equipped with extended zoom lenses and the optional D-BG4 weather-sealed battery grip. U.S. Army soldier Alex Jansen, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, can be seen testing the cameras in the country’s desert climate and dusty outdoor condition. He begins by pouring sand all around the exterior of the camera, equally covering it as if he’s about to bread fish for frying. This part already makes us itch since we barely want to go on a beach with an expensive equipment. Jansen then proceed to take both cameras to the base station shower and run them under water to show off the all-weather sealing. Afterward, he flips them over to show both devices still functioning, and even goes on to take a few photos as if nothing had happened.

While most durability test videos seem to sell a certain product, Jansen’s video seems genuine. He even specifically notes on the YouTube page that this is not an endorsement by the U.S. Army. We still have no idea why anyone would subject their camera equipments to cruel and unusual punishments, but thankfully, this video’s happy ending makes us glad the Pentax K-5 and K-7 would be fine choices for a photoshoot in the desert, or going through a random sand storm.

Is it as hardcore as the Canon 7D we saw a while back going through water, ice, fire, and drops? We can’t be sure since Jansen’s video doesn’t show it but perhaps one day, another brave soul will show us their DSLR’s capabilities… and we’ll be right here cringing and watching, hoping for the best fate for those poor cameras.

Watch the video below to witness the tragic but triumphant survival of the Pentax K-5 and K-7.

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