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Wacom has big edge-to-edge pen displays up its sleeves for the Cintiq Pro line

Wacom Cintiq Pro is adding something bigger and bolder | Product Announcement
Wacom’s line of pen displays for artists and designers is about to get a whole lot bigger. On Tuesday, Wacom announced that two tablets nearly double the size of the existing Pro line are in the works for 2018. The Wacom Cintiq Pro line will gain a 24- and 32-inch option alongside the existing 13- and 16-inch pen displays.

Both new tablets will use 4K, edge-to-edge displays to make the most of the larger footprints. The screen also boasts a billion colors for the accuracy that artists need, Wacom says.

The upcoming pen displays will also bring the Pro Pen 2 technology available on the existing Cintiq Pro line with 8,192 different levels of sensitivity to pressure — or four times the company’s previous pen system. The pen offers tilt response as well, creating a design interface that is virtually lag-free, the company says.

Wacom designed the Cintiq Pro line not as a stand-alone tablet (though the company does offer tablets like the MobileStudio Pro) but as a tool to use alongside a desktop computer, bringing touch controls for drawing without losing power to the smaller processors of dedicated tablets. The series is compatible with both Mac and PCs.

While exact details are slim, the Cintiq Pro’s smaller family members also get a color boost as the size increases, with the portable HD 13-inch option hitting an 87 percent Adobe RGB color rating and the 4K 16-inch offering a 94 percent color rating.

While the Cintiq Pro line has a smaller 13-inch and 16-inch option, the company does have a few larger screens outside that “Pro” designation. With the announcement, the company is dropping the price on their existing large-screen pen systems, with a $100 drop on the Cintiq 22HD Pen Display and $400 off both the Cintiq 27HD Pen Display and the Cintiq 27HD Pen & Touch Display.

Wacom is taking a different approach to announcing the large options, revealing details on the new options over time. The company will slowly be sharing details over the next six months with a series of teasers. Users interested in the upcoming pen displays can sign up for email updates on Wacom’s website to stay up to date on the news.

The larger Wacom Cintiq Pro pen displays are expected in January, with a price range between $1,999 and $3,299.

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