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Best Vine accounts to follow

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Vine is one of the newest and probably strangest social media phenomenons. For anyone who doesn’t know, Vine is video service acquired by Twitter that allows anyone to produce six second videos, and six seconds only. Some might say it nicely exemplifies the short attention span of a society growing more and more reliant on technology. I say some of them are pretty damn funny and might actually be worth seconds of your time. Here is our list of the best Vine accounts you should already be following.

Stop Motion Animation

Yves Das

Yves Das uses actual sets and lights for his Vines, so yes he’s better than all of us. Most of the videos star a miniature man named Guido as he rides a Vespa through tomato soup and over pizza. This is truly one of the most impressive channels and Das proves that Vine actually can be an art. He is Belgian and writes in his native tongue, so chances are you won’t understand most of his tweets, but a man riding a yellow Vespa is pretty much universal. 

Jethro Ames 

Ames works with national brands so many of his Vines are playing with peanut M&M’s or Jack Daniels. Because of his corporate gigs, these are some high quality, classy, and well-produced Vines. So classy that even Ellen DeGeneres had him on the show to talk about his creations, which is the ultimate sign of success. If we can learn anything from his videos it’s that it’s okay to play with your food as long as you film it in some creative way. 

Johnny McHone

This guy has one twisted sense of humor and he is also a very talented artist, which makes for weird and often humorous videos. His channel includes sculptures, drawings, action figures, and sometimes all three. A particularly interesting story line follows his series of Viking apes who are traveling on the tortilla sea. Their journey will inspire you. 


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is completely insane, which makes her Vine account an American treasure. She spends a lot of time making fun of herself, modeling, and hosting America’s Next Top Model. Her videos will make anyone feel fierce while also wondering about her sanity. 

Jimmy Fallon 

These vines are like a sneak peek into Fallon’s life from backstage at his show to driving in the car. He hasn’t made a lot, but the few he’s done are so good he even makes himself laugh in a few — a sign of a good comedian. It will bring  you right back to his Saturday Night Live days. Pair it with his YouTube channel for the complete Fallon experience. The man loves social media.  

Will Sasso

Will Sasso, otherwise known as that guy who plays the main character’s best friend in all those movies, has been dubbed the King of Vine. Not only is he prolific — his stuff is good. It ranges from celebrity impressions to vomiting lemons to pulling out his own teeth. There is nothing Sasso isn’t willing to do to look like an idiot for you. 



Just like his name suggests, this guy is class on class. His Vines are usually animated illustrations, many of which feature his adorable children, and feel more like an art project than social media. The things he thinks of are so simple but amazing, like a drawn shark eating its creator’s pencil. 


This one was almost put in the stop motion category, but the Vines are so pretty and interesting to look it feels like more than that. Yelldesign uses household objects like paper and light bulbs to tell short stories that are really cool to look at. You will be staring at these on loop, so maybe open after work. 


Keelayjams is weird, but weird in a cool way like you want to hang out with him and be inside his brain. He uses Vine as a place to make short statements, such as his distaste for Vine advertising. The account showcases things such as pieces of pizza jumping off a bridge with parachutes and a bowl of salad in a wheelchair. He will make you look at the world a different way, if only for six seconds. 



If you’ve seen a “best of Vine” compilation videos, you’ve seen Klarity. He is prolific to say the least, and one of the biggest names in Vine right now. His videos often feature his friends and family and take every day activities like waking up or buying a Christmas tree funny. 

Randy Macusco

Much like Klarity, Macusco makes videos that showcase his life and friends. He is famous for spinning around in his chair, listening to salsa music, and making his mom’s life miserable. Randy is just like every other teenager. Even if you don’t find him funny, watching his Vines is worth it just to witness his hair, which is a thing of beauty. 

Olivia Sui

It’s hard not to like Olivia Sui. She spends most of her time making strangers confused or uncomfortable in the city of Los Angeles and basically doing things that you wish you could do yourself and still look that cool. Expect guest appearances from other famous Vine makers such as the above-mentioned Klarity. 

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