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Facebook invites you to tune in to 24-hour live streams on its Live video network

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Facebook is bringing epic, 24-hour live broadcasts to its platform with the launch of its Continuous Live Video API.

The company’s latest offering in its ever-expanding live-streaming feature enables uninterrupted real-time video that can be recorded on both mobiles and professional cameras.

According to Facebook, the format is ideal for nature- or geography-related broadcasts, such as 24-hour recordings of animals in the wild, and national landmarks.

Continuous Live Video differs from regular Facebook Live streams in some respects, both restricting and expanding upon the social network’s prized feature.

Critically, 24-hour broadcasts cannot be saved permanently to a person or Facebook page’s News Feed. Additionally, viewers cannot rewind to earlier in the stream during broadcasts. This is mainly to alleviate Facebook from the high server costs that come with storing long-form broadcasts, reports TechCrunch.

Just like its regular Live API, the new format will allow professional broadcasters to go beyond smartphones and selfie sticks by using high-end cameras and mixing and effects tools. Facebook Live’s media partners often use these specialty tools to create multicamera transmissions, and to incorporate on-screen graphics. The Live API now also includes new targeting features that allow creators to put location and age locks on their videos in regards to who can view them.

Facebook claims that multimedia documentary production company,, has already used the 24-hour live stream feature as a new outlet for its nature videos.

For general users, Continuous Live Video sees Facebook’s live network expand to include another form of popular media. If adopted by more professional broadcasters, it could become your go-to service for a nature fix. Just make sure you have a lot of free hours to spare, and that you tune in on time.

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