Facebook’s revamped News Feed may include feeds for music, photos, and other topics

facebook press event newsfeed

Facebook is launching a revamped News Feed, or so it says, and while there is plenty of speculation about what this will look like, TechCrunch has some early solid insights from insiders about what Facebook is prepared to launch. It looks like the social network may unveil content-driven feeds devoted to Music, Photos, and probably games, to name a few.

If Facebook announces content-specific feeds, users will probably get to choose what to see and what to ignore. For example, if you’re in the mood for music, you could click on a music tab and indulge in everything related to music, making Facebook a better source for news. This should help brands get more exposure in more News Feeds. Currently, they must compete with a host of random stories like pictures and status updates, which clutter most of our feeds.

Facebook hopes you will end up spending more time on your News Feeds than before. Think of it this way. Why scroll down the News Feed to find the first sign of updates from your favorite bands, or news, when you can select to only see that specific content?

Here’s the problem: Though separating feeds into sections could increase the amount of time you browse your News Feed and increase engagement for brands, getting everyone to care enough to click on other tabs could be a challenge.

We reached out to Facebook to find out how frequently users sort their News Feeds (between “Most Recent” and “Top Stories”) to gain some insight into whether separating feeds by content-based tabs might be effective, but its spokesperson declined to comment.

Facebook is scheduled to show off its News Feed tomorrow, March 7.

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