Facebook lets you name conversations in chat drop-down

burglar caught after facebook mishap user

Facebook has rolled out a tiny new feature that gives users the ability to name conversations. This has been available via Facebook Messenger since this past spring, but now the option has rolled out to desktop as well. 

When you start or respond to a group conversation – when you’re using Chat and not in Messages proper (i.e., the News Feed view, where conversations pop up at the bottom of your page), you’ll see a prompt asking you to “Name this conversation.” 

name conversation fb

And this wasn’t just available to a thread I started – one that I was a part of that someone else initiated offered me the option to name it. 

other name conversation

And when you jump into the Messages proper view, pulling the inbox into full screen, there’s an option to edit the name of the conversation as well as upload a photo. 

edit conversation

After that, the sidebar thumbnail of your conversation tread will be the photo you changed it to. This feature has been available for awhile, but the drop down option within chat to name your conversation from the chat view in desktop is new. It’s a simple new update, but one that just shows Facebook is constantly trying to fill out is messaging capabilities – as well as trying to unify Chat and Messages and Messenger into a more complete, singular conversation client. 

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