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Facebook to let users disable all live video notifications after influx of complaints

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Facebook’s push to promote its new live videos feature is facing negative feedback. At present, the barrage of notifications from brands and publishers prompting people to watch a live stream in real-time is irking some users, who’ve expressed their concern online.

Fortunately for those put off by the frequency of live video notifications, Facebook is taking heed of your criticism. The social network has revealed that it’s working on a new setting that will allow users to disable the notifications, to be rolled out over the coming weeks, reports Digiday.

For those seeking immediate respite from announcements concerning live streams, Facebook suggests clicking the ‘Live Subscribe’ button on top of a video, where you will find the option to turn off notifications from the broadcast’s publisher. Unlike this existing feature, the upcoming update will apply to all live videos, not just clips from selected pages.

Facebook is not the only social network that is currently obsessed with live video. Not only is live streaming fueling industry acquisitions — with Web giants like Facebook gobbling up startups such as Masquerade — it is also being given prominence on sites including Twitter.

For its part, Facebook has pushed live video feeds to the top of its News Feed thanks to a recent algorithm update. It also increased its push notifications, with which it alerts users to a broadcast going live from a page they’ve liked. The changes come after the social network revealed that live streams have a higher engagement rate than saved videos.

Despite justifying the changes with viewership numbers, Facebook now faces a growing backlash over its push notifications. Users are taking to rival network Twitter to voice their dismay at the onslaught of live video alerts. A selection of the negative tweets, which may have forced Facebook’s hand on the upcoming update, can be seen below.

The most annoying thing in the world..Live video feed notifications on #facebook.

— Laura Lee (@ItsLLB) March 10, 2016

Can people stop going live on Facebook these notifications are bloody endless and annoying

— Càłłûm Çàrtēr (@callumcarter123) March 10, 2016

Notifications of "Facebook Live" are the most annoying thing that has happened to social media in a while.

— Danielle Sills (@drsills) March 10, 2016

Live video notifications are the Jar Jar Binks of #Facebook.

— Mike Muniz (@Mook1) March 10, 2016

getting notifications for when people are live on Facebook is so annoying

— ryyy (@ryasmith15) March 10, 2016

Facebook please stop sending me notifications of live video feeds 2k16

— joey (@joeyz95) March 10, 2016

Related: my Facebook notifications are basically live video notifications these days.

— Ross Sheingold (@RossSheingold) March 10, 2016

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