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Grab a table, FoodNiche is the latest social network for foodies

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The original social network was of course the dinner table. And now, it’s being turned into the newest social networking app on the market — sort of. Meet FoodNiche, described as a “food-focused application that takes the pain out of finding trusted information needed to create great dining experiences.” Meant for foodies, gourmands, and everyone else too, this app promises to “intelligently connect users to food information shared by trusted contacts, restaurants, bloggers, nutrition experts, and food brands.” Basically, its goal is to ensure that you never have a bad meal again.

While currently in its beta form and available by invitation only, the app may be a game changer in the increasingly digitized food industry. With everything from recipe and restaurant recommendations to expert advice for dietary restrictions, this app appears to address just about every single food-related need you didn’t even know you had.

And on the flip side, businesses like restaurants and food brands are also given the opportunity to connect with both current and potential new customers, which could lead to valuable feedback and improvements.

While perusing sites like Yelp can be overwhelming when looking for a quick dinner recommendation, this new social network hopes to take the guesswork out of your dining experience, giving users an effective way to streamline relevant and interesting food content into their newsfeeds. By streamlining all relevant information, FoodNiche hopes to become a one-stop shop for all things eating-related.

Dave Aug, a restauranteur in the Southern Minnesota area, called FoodNiche “a very sophisticated new idea that seems to absolutely bring everything together under one roof for the business and the consumption of food and health in the community.”

So whether you’re cooking or dining out, the team behind this latest social network asserts that it has something for you. Because getting fed really shouldn’t be too hard.

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