Going … going … gone viral: The best new memes this side of the Internet

going gone viral the best new memes this side of internet brides throwing cats

There are plenty of stand-bys when it comes memes: You can fall back on Overly Attached Girlfriend or Grumpy Cat time and time again – but luckily the Internet continues to find and create new things of beauty for us to latch onto and reuse superfluously until they take on existences of their own. These are some of the best new memes of late that the Internet hive mind has created and launched into (relative) infamy. Enjoy.

Starbucks Drake Hands

Boy works at coffee shop. Girl comes into coffee shop. Boy meets girl and berates girl into giving boy her phone number. Girl – allegedly – does so reluctantly. Boy sends girl incredibly strange video of him listening to Drake and rubbing his face with his hands whilst smirking. Girl does not take kindly to said video, passes it along, entire Internet finds it, mocks it, and the rest is history.

Thus is the story of Starbucks Drake Hands – and the recreations of this sudden meme are at once delightful and horrifying. The lesson in all of this is don’t send cringe-worthy selfie videos that nobody asked you for, because this is what we’ll do with them. 

Brides Throwing Cats

Every once in awhile, a beautiful mystery of a Tumblr comes along – and this week we’ve been blessed with a new one in Brides Throwing Cats. Those horribly cliche photos of ladies in white tossing flowers over their hands are so passe. A little Photoshop can fix that right up.

btc tumblr

Honestly if this were instituted into actual weddings, I might degrade myself to stand in a coven of women and try to catch a cat. Because I like challenges – and cats. 


The “___”-shaming trend is a bit played out at this point, but some of these confessions are too good to pass up. Sins includes things like stealing an early copy of Happy Potter 7, and owing so much in overdue fines one librarian had to find a new library. Those are some of the more mundane items that will make you feel better about still turning down the corner of a page to mark your place.

Scarlett Johansson Falling Down

Sometimes a completely random thing happens and for some unknown reason, we humans are able to find new hilarious recreations of it. And that thing is Scarlett Johansson falling down. Back in 2012, the actress took a tumble that was captured on camera, and now her clumsiness is living on in new and wild forms. Why is this photo making a reappearance now? The geniuses over at Reddit are once again responsible for this brilliance. Keep up the good work. Please.

Fox News’ Giant iPads

This week Fox News debuted its new, state of the art News Deck – featuring giant iPads. Or tiny, tiny people; it’s hard to tell. Of course the ridiculous set up inspired plenty or mocking that it so, so deserved. They had to know this was coming.

fox news

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