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A seventh of the world’s population visits Facebook every day

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One in seven people on Earth use Facebook. That is a remarkable or frightening statistic, depending on how you view the social network. The number was confirmed in Facebook’s recent investor’s call, where the social network acknowledged joining Google, Chrome, and Android in the one-billion users club.

Nearly 1.4 billion users check Facebook once a month on mobile, and one billion of those phones are running Android. Facebook has seen a massive growth in the mobile sector across all of its apps: WhatsApp is nearing one billion users, Messenger hit 700 million, and Instagram has rocketed past 400 million.

Mobile advertising revenue made up 78 percent of the company’s overall revenue. The firm posted revenue of $4.5 billion for the quarter, representing a 41% increase over what it posted for the same period last year.

The social network recently announced new ways for marketers to sell items on the network as well, alongside the launch of Instant Articles and video adverts. This should bring a whole new wave of advertising to the social network.

The United States is still Facebook’s largest country for active users, but India, Indonesia, and Brazil are quickly catching up. Facebook has launched — its free Internet service — in several Southeast Asian countries to try and speed up Internet adoption.

Facebook is still blocked in China, however, a market that would likely have boosted the social network well above the one-billion mark. Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, tried to win over the Chinese government, but now seems to have shifted focus to India, the next rising tech power in the east.

The third quarter report shot Facebook’s stock to the highest point since it became public three years ago, and is currently trading at $109.16 per share.

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