Is the wait over?! Instagram may finally be coming to Windows Phone

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After rumors that Windows Phone might beat Android to nabbing Instagram turned out to be very false, it appears that the wait may be over and it looks like Instagram may finally be releasing its app for the Windows Phone. Rumors are circulating around the Web that a launch is imminent, and there’s plenty of mounting evidence to suggest it’s true.

Nokia has been throwing hints left and right about the existence and impending launch of Instagram’s app for the Windows Phone. For starters, Nokia said via Twitter that the Instagram app was “under development.” 

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Then just days ago, a curious customer took to Nokia Sweden’s Facebook page and asked if an Instagram app would ever come to the Nokia Lumia 920. The Nokia representative (maybe) slipped up and confirmed that an Instagram app for the Lumia was on the way but the exact date wasn’t confirm. Clever marketing or PR mishap? You be the judge.

Then there’s the fact that it looks like Instagram registered itself as a Windows Phone developer. According to WMPowerUser, the name “Instagram” was snagged. There is the possibility that another developer may have just ended up stealing away the “Instagram” user name to squat on it. But as WMPoweruser points out, searching for the app’s developer name in the store doesn’t turn up anything at all.

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While there’s obviously no time table here, one thing is for sure: It’s all bad news for Instagraph, the recently-launched, $2.49 WP-friendly app that allows users to filter photos and send them on over to Instagram from your Windows Phone. It’s certainly a great workaround, but nothing beats the original. 

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