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LinkedIn now lets you find work without the fear of getting caught by your boss

LinkedIn has finally made it possible to look for work without anyone else catching on. We’ve all been there, eager for a career change but worried that any overt interest in a new job could result in the loss of the current one, especially if a nosy boss or pesky colleague got wind of it.

LinkedIn users can avoid such an awkward scenario altogether thanks to its new “Open Candidates” feature. The new option, available via its Recruiter platform, allows users to privately notify recruiters on the service that they are interested in finding a new job. The site will not broadcast your interest to recruiters at your current employer, meaning the change won’t result in any uncomfortable water cooler conversations.

As a result, external recruiters will be able to quickly find you, and learn about your interests in order to match you with your next job. The new feature is being rolled out globally starting today.

Alongside Open Candidates, LinkedIn is also debuting “Apply Starters,” which allows members to share their profiles with recruiters when they start the application process with a new firm. LinkedIn claims that “as many as 74 percent of candidates don’t finish the application process on company career sites.” Apply Starters basically allows recruiters to encourage you to finish that lengthy form if they think you’re right for the job.

Another major change launched today comes in the shape of LinkedIn’s revamped Career Pages — corporate pages that can now display an overview of a company’s brand, job openings, and work culture.

“Our mission is to break down the walls that stand between job seekers and recruiters, and give companies the insight they need to attract the cream of the crop,” writes Eduardo Vivas, head of product, talent solutions, LinkedIn, in a new blog post announcing the new features.

Since its acquisition by Microsoft for the sum of $26 billion in June, Linkedin has unveiled a number of imminent updates, including a major redesign of its flagship site, a “smart messaging” system, and a new trending news feed.

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