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Mark Zuckerberg’s new puppy gets his own Facebook page


Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s life just got a little bit furrier. Zuckerberg and his long-time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, have adopted a two-month-old Puli puppy. The little guy, who they named Beast, already his very own Facebook page.

“I am a Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog,” reads Beast’s Facebook biography. “I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon and now I live in Palo Alto with Mark and Cilla. I am extremely cute.” Beasts “personal interests” include “cuddling, loving and eating.”

At the time of this writing, Beast had already acquired more than 3,500 Facebook fans — a number that is sure to skyrocket. (What more does the Internet love than cute animals, after all?)

The Puli breed is recognizable for one thing: Its corded coat, which looks similar to the dreadlocks of a Rastafarian. According to Wikipedia, Puli dogs are highly intelligent. They are also deceptively fast and agile athletes. Pulis are often used to guard livestock, or as police dogs, as they are extremely protective and territorial. That said, the Puli is also “sensitive, fun loving, and courageous,” but can be headstrong at times.

With Zuckerberg’s reputation now shaped by the cut-throat businessman caricature of him portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in Academy Award-nominated film The Social Network, some have already begun to call the purchase of a puppy a PR move designed to repair his hard-edged image.

Regardless of Zuckerberg’s exact reasons for getting a dog — which, we assume, are the same as that of anyone who opts for K-9 companionship — it’s clear Beast is in for quite a life: Zuckerberg is worth nearly $7 billion. Talk about winning the doggy lottery.

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