Turns out, money – or at least, Bitcoins – can buy you love


Heroin, guns, and Web hosting all have something in common: You can pay for them in Bitcoin. And now, you can add OKCupid to this list. The dating site announced that it’s working with Coinbase to accept payment in Bitcoins.

If you’re not familiar with OKCupid, one of their money-making schemes is a subscription service that upgrades its users to a premium account called an A-List. If you’re frequenting OKCupid, paying to be on its A-List gets you an ad-free browsing experience, in-depth filters to refine search results of compatible users, a bump up in search results to an “A-List Matches” section, and some other features to improve your overall OKCupid experience.

okcupid bitcoin

Getting on the A-List typically costs $4.95 per month for a 6 month package, $7.95 per month for three months, and $9.95 for a month-by-month subscription. To put the cost of subscribing into perspective, at the time of this writing a single Bitcoin is equivalent to $65.50.

It’s a sign that more and more mainstream websites are beginning to embrace the Bitcoin madness that’s ensued lately. Bitcoins are no longer just an underground virtual currency toyed with by hackers and tech enthusiasts. It’s already gripping Wall Street and CNBC has even launched a Bitcoin ticker to keep track of its fluctuating prices. Recently, a bar that accepts Bitcoins caused some buzz. The idea is that everyday people can start using the currency to buy real things – including their OKCupid memberships. 

Of course, Bitcoins still are a somewhat untested platform, and OKCupid is taking a risk and hedging its bets that they will hold their weight against the dollar and the its worth will steady (or even return to its $200+ value). In the short term, it’s definitely something of an experiment for OKCupid and sites like it, but Bitcoin is certainly a hot ticket these days, and there’s no time like the present to jump in on a rising trend. 

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