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Prepared to be horrified, because it turns out everyone knows you’re using BangWithFriends

embarrassedWell, fun time is over, everybody. Turns out, the oh-so-necessary anonymity that comes with the BangWithFriends Facebook app is not quite as complete as we all thought it was. In fact, there’s a very easy way to find out which of your Facebook Friends are using it. While we noticed this when first playing around with the app way back when it was launched, we thought a fix had been issued – it has not, as the Daily Dot originally noticed.

If you’re logged into your Facebook account, all you have to do is click here.

bwf not anonymous

And now you will never be the same because you know who is wanting of the banging with the friends. It’s just something you can’t unsee. 

BangWithFriends just launched its mobile apps, complete with some new features to make us more – ahem – comfortable using the app: You can request to “hang” instead of “bang,” and you can deselect friends you’ve drunkenly accidentally chosen, or changed your mind about.

If you have the BangWithFriends Facebook app (no shame, some of us haven’t uninstalled it since initially testing … *points at self*), you can easily change your privacy settings so that people can’t see this. Not to be that person, but at launch, we did warn that you should pay attention to the permissions screen telling you what information it would use and what it would display.

bwf install screen

Let this be a lesson to us all: With great banging, comes great responsibility. Get thee to your privacy page, stat. 


Anonymous creator of BangWithFriends “C” just sent this statement over regarding the privacy issue: 

We take privacy very seriously at Bang With Friends and the vast majority of users will not show up in such a search.  If you installed the app after January, you won’t show up (unless you manually changed your privacy setting).

We launched right before Facebook’s Graph Search functionality opened up to a wider audience.  For the first few days after we launched, the default setting in Facebook when a user installed our app was set to the user’s default setting for all apps.  For many users, that was “Public” or “Friends”.  

We quickly adjusted this (back in January) once we realized that Graph Search did this.  After we discovered this issue, we made the default for our app “Only Me.”  

Any user who installed our app after January should have seen that default setting and will not show up in Graph Search (nor the link you provided in the article).  For any users who do show up, you have full control over this in your Facebook settings as you mentioned:

Damn you, Graph Search. Ruining all our sexy fun. 

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