Rumor: Instagram coming to Windows Phone 8 on June 26

instagram on windows phone 8

The rumor mill churns once again with Instagram at the focus of this speculation. While no one is talking for obvious reasons, we’re confident that Instagram is being readied for its Windows Phone debut. We just haven’t known when, until quite possibly today.

WPDang, a Chinese technology blog, points out that “news sources” indicate that the Windows Phone 8 app may be launching on a Wednesday sometime in June, although the exact date is tentatively June 26. At the same time, Nokia may be the exclusive Instagram launch partner for WP8.

The Instagram-Windows Phone 8 rumors started with an (maybe) accidental peek at Instagram’s app on Nokia’s promotional ad in September of last year, although later reports suggested that the app just may have been a Vimeo app. However independent confirmations have popped up since suggesting that Instagram for Windows Phone is on the way.

In fact, Nokia has been leaking (or hinting) at an Instagram app left and right. The company started off on Twitter tweeting that the app was in development, and later was caught red-handed on Facebook when a Nokia representative confirmed the app’s existence after being approached by a curious bystander.

More recently, Nokia may have slipped up in Portugal. A poster ad in Portugal clearly displays the Instagram logo inside of the Windows Phone 8 interface, as first reported by WPCentral.

We get it, Nokia. You’re like Instagram’s WP8 launch partner, and you want the world to know how excited you. How about just leaking a release date?

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