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Recognizing that you have a life, Snapchat unveils games you can play any time

Love Snapchat games, but can’t ever seem to have friends active at the same time? The social app’s latest addition to its new in-app games allows users to play anytime, while still competing with friends. Launched on Tuesday, December 17, Leaderboard Games is a new format for Snap Games that allows friends to compete against other friend’s top scores.

Snap Games debuted earlier this year, but multiplayer options require friends to play at the same time. The new Leaderboard Games allow for friendly competition on your own schedule. Score streaming displays friend’s scores live, as they play the game, for friends that want to check in. Friend’s Bitmojis will also peek in on the game as you play — so even if the friend isn’t playing at the same time, their online likeness can still cheer you on.

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Snap Inc. describes the new game format as “casual, easy-to-play games that let friends play asynchronously to compete for the top spot on a leaderboard among their own group of friends.” The new games, however, keep a style familiar to the original Snap Games.

The game type launches with two new games, Find My Friends and Slide the Shakes, both designed by Snapchat. The first is a sort of “Where’s Waldo?” except its Bitmoji and you have to find your friends in a crowd. Scores increase the faster you find the friend. Slide the Shakes has you delivering milkshakes to friends across a countertop riddled with different obstacles.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The new game format is accessible by following the same steps to starting any game — just look for the trophy icon to identify Leaderboard Games. From the home screen, swipe right or tap Chat. Open any type of chat and tap the rocket to access the games. Chat and voice chats are available when the other player is playing simultaneously. 

Shortly after launch, Snap Inc. said that the more users play a game together, the more time spent on the game. Debuting in April 2019, Snap Games were originally designed for friends to play simultaneously. Since the launch, Snapchat has also added Snippets, game stickers to share with friends. A swipe on that sticker joins in on the game.

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