The weirdest things we found for sale on Instagram

guns hashbag

Hashbag is a new site that shows you everything for sale on Instagram. Sure, Instagram is primarily for pictures of sunsets, cupcakes, drunk poses, selfies, and humblebragging about the fact that you’re at an airport. But, as it turns out, it’s also got a some under the table black market action going on.

The site pulls pictures with the #forsale hashtag and lets you search by the item you desire. It’s a simple setup, and you’ll find plenty of common sense items showing up – retail pieces like bags, shoes, and furniture. But there are also quite a few surprises buried in the (sort of) secret world of Instagram sales.

Need a new apartment? Well you’re in luck, because Hashbag can pinpoint your next place. Just don’t be oversold by the filter.

hashbag apartment

A search for #burger brings up these strange, squishy burger-shaped (and scented) items.

hashbag burger

While Hashbag is trying to put the kibosh on illegal sales, there are plenty of guns available.

guns hashbag

Interested in some new Pokemon garb and/or collectibles? There’s no shortage of the stuff on Hashbag. 

pokemon hashbag

Looking for refrigerators (of which there were many), you’ll happen upon a few advertisements for fridge art – a la, this. 

hashbag refrigerator

Because you always wanted salt and pepper shakers made out of Corona bottles.

salt hashbag

Well, at least you thought you always wanted them, until you saw these bangin’ shoelaces. Swag.

shoelaces hashbag

Have you ever wanted to look like a giant while getting drunk? Then Instagram your way into owning this tiny bottle of whiskey.

hashbag whiskey

Searching for tickets is actually pretty helpful. People write out notes describing the events they’re selling tickets to and Instagram them with the appropriate hashtags. Is this easier than Craiglist or Stubhub? Maybe not, but you know that One Direction fans are trolling Instagram more often than either of the other two.

hashbag tickets

There are various Instagrams for weave sales, a trend you may not have known was incredibly popular on the platform.

weave hashbag

But there is one market Hashbag and Instagram are missing out on …

grilled cheese hashbag

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