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NASA just launched a free streaming channel called NASA+

NASA's On-Demand Streaming Service, NASA+ (Official Trailer)

NASA launched a free video streaming channel on Wednesday.

Called NASA+, the new ad-free channel offers original shows and live content for space fans around the world.

The programming can be accessed on most major platforms via the NASA app on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, and also streaming media players such as Roku and Apple TV.

Our new streaming service just launched: NASA+🚀

No cost. No ads. No subscriptions. Just space.

Experience the universe at your fingertips!

— NASA's Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson) November 8, 2023

As per NASA, the current roster of content includes:

– A documentary series following each image from the James Webb Space Telescope, as well as a second series highlighting the world’s most powerful space telescope from lab to launch
– Animated children’s shows called Lucy’s Journey and The Traveler about the planets, mysteries of the universe, and intergalactic worlds
– A series telling the personal stories of Black NASA astronauts
– A series that takes viewers behind the scenes as a group of scientists work to return America’s first asteroid sample
– Ultra-high-definition visuals of the cosmos set to a spaced-out soundtrack
– Spanish-language content, including a series highlighting Hispanic and Latino NASA employees, climate content for kids, and more

NASA’s new channel is part of a wider revamp of its online presence that also includes a refreshed app and website. The space agency made the move to ensure that its content is more accessible and discoverable for folks interested in its work.

“NASA’s new streaming platform and app are where the world can join us as we explore the unknown,” NASA’s Marc Etkind said in a release. “NASA is the catalyst behind some of humanity’s greatest stories, and now, with our new digital presence, everyone will have access to these stories 24/7.”

With such a rich history and plenty of exciting missions on the horizon, the new channel will have no shortage of exciting material to draw upon.

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