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Server hack on security firm Avast attached malware to popular CCleaner app

Cybersecurity firm Avast's server get hacked, The Pirate Bay needs your browser to raise some cash, Noel Lee of Monster rethinks retail.

Is your Android phone’s battery always low? You’re probably using these apps

Now that we’re at the end of the year, you may have noticed that your phone isn’t lasting quite as long as it did when 2016 first began. Avast Software released a new report unveiling the most battery- and storage-draining apps for…

Another flaw discovered in a security software product — this time it’s Avast

Google Project Zero has posted another security product vulnerability, this time it's Avast where serious flaws were found in its SafeZone browser that left user data like cookies, passwords, and files in danger.

Who’s watching what you’re watching? Avast finds vulnerabilities in Vizio smart TVs

Security researchers at Avast have discovered a vulnerability in Vizio's smart TVs that allowed them to intercept and crack the data on viewing habits of users. Vizio claims it has patched the vulnerabilities, but it's not clear if all TVs…

Porn Clicker malware keeps resurfacing in the Google Play Store

Researchers from Avast and Eset have discovered a number of porn clicker apps in the Google Play Store that are being constantly re-uploaded once they're taken down by Google.

Should you worry about malware on your phone? We asked the experts

A talk at this year's RSA claimed mobile malware is overhyped and many security experts are in disagreement over just how dangerous the threat is. Here a number of security experts give their view on mobile malware.

Warning: Factory resetting your Android phone may not delete everything

According to security firm Avast Software, factory resetting your Android smartphone doesn't delete all your personal data. The company was able to recover personal data from smartphones purchased on eBay.

How to protect your phone or tablet from the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug

The Heartbleed bug is bad and affects a huge portion of all websites -- as much as 66 percent of all sites around the world. Unfortunately, your smartphone isn't safe either. Here's everything you need to know to stay as safe as possible.

Avast security exec: ‘Abandoning Windows XP is a big mistake’

Avast Antivirus COO Ondřej Vlček calls ending support for Windows XP 'a big mistake.' Learn more here.

12 useful online services and apps for students

Before you send your student off to high school or even the far away world of college, you should consider signing them up for a few key services that will make learning, studying, and having fun a lot easier.

Recent Study Says Porn Sites are Safer than Normal Sites

For every infected adult site, there are 99 “normal” sites that are also infected.

Yahoo, Fox and Google Inadvertently Spread Malware through Ads

Malicious JavaScript circulating in ad networks that serve over 50 percent of the Web can open the door to malware, without even clicking on the ad.
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