The Leap

Leap Motion chooses HP to embed and bundle 3D motion-control into new devices

We talked to Leap Motion CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald yesterday who told us that Leap will be teaming up with HP as its first OEM to actually build the Leap technology into products.

Welcome to the real world: Hardware takes over SXSW

The hardware evolution cannot be stopped, and even an app-loving festival like SXSW is getting a taste of this digital evolution. Does this mean the age of apps is over or that we're starting to experiment with new social experiences - ones…

Good news for hands-free hype, Leap Motion gesture-controlled device shipping May 13

Gesture control device the Leap Motion Controller is set to hit homes and shelves in less than three months, complete with an official app store and exclusive apps from the likes of Autodesk, Disney, and The Weather Channel.

These startups are set to become household names in 2013

What technology will shape consumer electronics and digital products in 2013? We've got a few ideas - including everything from personal social networks to car-sharing to energy consumption. Here are the tech startups you'll want to keep an…

Hands-free PC control device The Leap partnering with Asus

The Leap will now come bundled with some select Asus computers, and that's only the start of the company's coming OEM announcements.
Emerging Tech

Flutter raises $1.4 million to improve its app answer to gesture control

Flutter brings gesture control to your Macs' music library via Webcam, and now it has the money to invest in the technology and make the move to Windows.

Hands-on with The Leap: It’s smaller, better, and faster than you even thought

In our hands-on with The Leap, the new device taking the computing world by storm proves itself.

Leap brings affordable motion control to the PC

The Leap will offer some of the Kinect magic to the PC - and that's only the beginning.