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Ronald sits with his fellow jurors in Jury Duty.

Like Freevee’s Jury Duty? Then watch these 5 TV shows and movies

Freevee's Jury Duty is the unexpected comedy hit of 2023, and for fans who can't get enough, here are 5 similar TV shows and movies to pass the time.
AI assistants compared with ChatGPT.

Forget ChatGPT — Siri and Google Assistant do these 4 things better

Thanks to ChatGPT, the AI buzz is everywhere. However, don't let OpenAI's rockstar AI trick you into ditching the trusty Google Assistant or Siri on your phone.
Amazon Kindle (2022) in front of book stack

Save 20% when you buy the latest Kindle e-reader today

The 2022 Amazon Kindle, which features a 6-inch e-ink touchscreen and a battery that can last up to six weeks on a single charge, is down to $80 on Amazon.
The cast of Jury Duty sitting and being interviewed.

Jury Duty is 2023’s best new comedy show so far. Here’s why you should watch it

2023 has brought us many great shows, but the best comedy so far is the sleeper hit Jury Duty, now streaming on Freevee. Here's why you should watch it.
Rosetta Stone on smart phone

Learn 25 Languages with a lifetime of Rosetta Stone and save $110

Get lifetime and unlimited access to Rosetta Stone, and its 24+ languages, on any device, for an incredible discount, right now. Don't miss this awesome deal.
The cast of Amazon Freevee's Jury Duty.

Fascinated by Amazon Freevee’s Jury Duty? Here are 8 interesting facts about the show

Fascinated by Amazon Freevee's hit series Jury Duty? Then read these facts about the show everyone is talking about.
Amazon Fire TV Channels.

Amazon Fire TV Channels brings even more free TV to the platform

Amazon Fire TV Channels brings a new era of ad-support series and movies front and center on the streaming platform.
Amazon Freevee app on a TV.

More than 100 Amazon Originals head to Amazon Freevee

Amazon is making more than 100 Amazon Originals available on the free ad-supported service known as Amazon Freevee.
The Fire TV Stick 4K connected to a TV.

Woot! is selling an Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $9

One of the most affordable ways to access streaming services is with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and it's even more affordable at just $9 at Woot! today.
John Wick 2

Everything coming to Amazon Freevee in May 2023

From the first three John Wick movies to 1983's Scarface, Amazon's ad-supported free streaming service Freevee is the place to be for action lovers in May 2023.
Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas look at each other on a train in Citadel.

Citadel review: a hollow spy thriller

Citadel is a zero-calorie spy thriller that somehow feels extremely expensive and shockingly cheap. Its first two episodes are now streaming on Prime Video.
Cycler riding while wearing the Amazon Halo View.

Amazon Halo is dead, and it’s a bigger deal than you think

Amazon has killed off its subscription-based Halo health products, and it should be a warning about similar products in general.
Person wearing the Amazon Halo view.

Amazon promises to refund some customers after axing Halo devices

Amazon will stop selling its Halo fitness bands and they'll stop working on August 1. As a result, the company has promised to refund some customers.
gskyer telescope az70400 deal amazon april 2023 product render

This bestselling Gskyer starter telescope is 34% off at Amazon

The Gskyer Telescope AZ70400, which is available from Amazon for a discounted price of $86, is the perfect starter telescope for stargazers new to the hobby.
Someone wearing a Galaxy Watch 5 to track their cycle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 just crashed to its cheapest-ever price

The entire Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 range is on sale now at Amazon, giving you plenty of ways to buy the best smartwatch for less.
The Nest Hub Max on a table.

Alexa vs. Google Home: which smart home platform is best?

Alexa and Google Home are two of the best smart home platforms around, but which one is better for you? Here's a comparison to help you decide.
Someone writing on the Amazon Kindle Scribe.

New Kindle Scribe update adds a long-awaited feature

The Kindle Scribe is a stellar device for a certain type of person, and this new update means it works even better with Microsoft Word.
Elliot and Beverly Mantle look at a baby together in Dead Ringers.

Dead Ringers review: a darkly funny sci-fi showcase for Rachel Weisz

Dead Ringers is an entertaining, darkly funny series that boasts two incredible performances from its star, Rachel Weisz. It premieres April 21 on Prime Video.
The MowRo RM24 mower.

Never mow again: This robot lawn mower is $250 off at Amazon

Keep your front yard trimmed with the MowRo RM24 robot lawn mower, which is on sale from Amazon for $649 after a $250 discount on its sticker price of $899.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) LED light ring

What does the Amazon Echo yellow ring color mean?

Your Echo device has an LED indicator to provide all sorts of useful Alexa information. Let's take a look at what the common yellow ring light means for users!
Amazon Echo Show 10.

The most common Echo Show problems and how to fix them

Is your Echo Show giving you issues? Here the most common bugs that pop up with the Amazon smart display and several fixes you can try.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock on table.

Most common Amazon Echo Dot problems, and how to fix them

Echo Dots are easy to use and fun to play with, but sometimes they can run into trouble. Here are six of the most common Dot issues and how to fix them.
Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV.

When is the best time to buy a TV?

Purchasing a new TV is a big decision. Fortunately, it's easy to score a good deal if you know the appropriate time of year to shop and where you should look.
Person holding an Apple AirTag.

This AirTags deal gets you a free pizza — kinda, sort of

For a limited time, at Amazon, when you buy a 4 pack of AirTags, you'll save $9 which is enough to grab yourself a steaming, greasy, and delicious pizza.
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with open door

Amazon is having a big sale on August smart locks – from $127

Improve your home's security by installing an August Home smart lock, which are currently on sale from Amazon with discounts that make them as cheap as $127.
The Amazon Smart Plug on a wall socket.

Save 20% on an Amazon Smart Plug and make any device smart

The Amazon Smart Plug, which can transform non-smart appliances into smart devices with the help of Alexa, is currently available from Amazon for just $20 each.
An Apple Watch Series 8 with the screen turned on.

Mother’s Day Apple Deals: Save on AirPods, iPads, and Apple Watch

Mother's Day is soon and there's a great sale on Apple products at Amazon right now, including discounts on the latest Apple Watch and more.
The Matter logo on a colorful background.

The future of Matter in 2023

Matter has big plans for the rest of 2023, but with no timetable for releases and Belkin stepping away, what can we realistically expect over the next months?
Apple HomePod 2023 next to a TV.

The smart home market might see big changes in 2023

With Apple making big moves in the smart home marketplace, it’s poised to put up a real fight for Amazon and Google.
Amaaon Sidewalk graphic showing connected devices and households.

The underappreciated Amazon Sidewalk network is bigger than you think

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-power network that helps keep your smart home devices online, and Amazon has officially revealed its gigantic coverage map.
SVS Prime Wireless Pro speaker on entertainment stand in living room.

SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers review: the Swiss army knife of speakers

The SVS Prime Wireless Pro offer high-quality home theater audio from a family-room-friendly footprint.
dead ringers trailer rachel weisz prime video

Dead Ringers trailer has twice the Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz is double the trouble as the Oscar winner plays twins in Prime Video's upcoming series Dead Ringers, which released its official trailer.
amazon-alexa-on-android feature image

How to use Amazon’s Alexa app on your smartphone

Amazon's Alexa app brings its immensely popular voice search and control features to many Android and iOS phones. We'll show you how to make the most of it.
Dolby Atmos audiobooks on Audible.

Audible brings immersive Dolby Atmos to its audiobooks

The popular spatial audio format for movies and music arrives on audiobooks for Audible subscribers.