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Bold Ideas


Sometimes the best solutions are the crazy ones — the ones that are so wild, so seemingly outlandish, and so outside-the-box that they just might work. In this series, we explore a handful of these ideas — from lab-grown seafood to artificial photosynthesis — and take you on a tour of some of the most potentially groundbreaking concepts in the world of tech.

Animal skulls on shelf

Minority Report for poachers: Can predictive algorithms prevent wildlife crime?

Dr. Meredith Gore is a conservation criminologist who uses data to stop wildlife trafficking before species are poached, taking techniques from criminology.
Einride Self-Driving Transport Vehicle

Drivers needed (sort of): Einride wants remote pilots for its driverless pods

rocketlab 3d printed rockets rocketlab2

Launching little: Inside Rocket Lab’s ingenious plan to democratize space

vr medical training virti surgery simulation mediaca realities 2

VR is making medical training cheaper, better, and more accessible than ever

Catalog DNA Data Storage

The hard drive of the future has been swimming through our veins all along

Cellular Seafood BlueNalu

Could cellular seafood take pressure off Earth’s overfished oceans?

climate change is killing coffee farms so atomo brewing it without beans press orange fb

Climate change is killing coffee farms, so Atomo is brewing it without beans

Air Protein tacos on a plate

Making meat out of thin air? Impossible. But this startup does it anyway

artificial photosynthesis to fuel the future store energy gunnera manicata detail

Hacking photosynthesis: Could artificial leaves fuel the future?

Space Debris

Low-Earth orbit is overcrowded. This Silicon Valley startup has a solution

Child Using Smartphone

Human Screenome Project wants you to share everything you do on your smartphone


How SETI@home accelerated alien hunting with an army of armchair astronomers