NBA 2K13 Roundup: Lace up and hit the courts this week

With NBA 2K11, 2K Sports’ did what many thought was impossible. 2K took a beleaguered video game sport that had been on the decline for years, and had been written off by most as a niche within the sports niche, and hit a homerun.  It scored a touchdown.  It shot a hole in one. And other sports related metaphors. The point is, it was great. Basketball games have the potential to be unwieldy beasts, filled with unforgiving controls and inaccurate representations of teamwork. There have been exceptions, of course, but compared to the uber-series of Madden, and the world renown soccer and baseball franchises on the market, basketball was a minor blip on most gamers’ radar.

NBA 2K11 managed to do something most thought was impossible and not only made a great basketball game, but made a sports game that was among the best sports games on the market. But then how do you follow up a genre-bending game? By making its sequel, NBA 2K12, even better.

So now the underdog status has been shed from the franchise and the pressure is on. Can 2K Sports keep raising the bar? Can it do it once more and release yet another hit game that was as good, if not better than the last? We’ll find out on Tuesday, October 2. Until then, check out our coverage on NBA 2K13, then check back with us for our full review.