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Lamborghini Gallardo

That’s not gone well: Lamborghini Gallardo melts after suffering engine fire in China

On May 6th, a Lamborghini Gallardo burned to the ground in Northeast China after its V10 engine caught fire.
Google self-driving car

Google admits to 11 accidents with self-driving cars, claims cars never at fault

On Monday, Google revealed that its self-driving vehicles have been involved in 11 accidents over the past six years.
koenigsegg one1 hits 250 mph pictures specs video performance zegg

Watch Koenigsegg’s One:1, the ‘world’s first megacar,’ hit 225 mph in this video

A new video of the Koenigsegg One:1 hitting 225 mph on pump fuel has hit the interwebs.
Ford Ranger

French Army replacing Peugeot P4s with Ford Rangers as off-road patrol vehicle

The French army will purchase 1,000 Ford Ranger pickups to serve as off-road patrol vehicles, replacing the Peugeot P4 that went into service in 1983.
Ford F-150

This propane-powered Ford F-150 is Hank Hill’s dream ride

Ford has announced a new version of the F-150 pickup that has propane and compressed natural gas capabilities.
dislife handicap parking hologram pictures video news  more than a sign

Stop there, ruffian! Nonprofit uses holograms to deter handicap parking spot thieves

A Russian nonprofit called Dislife recently ran a powerful social experiment to deter illegal use of handicap parking spots.
Jaguar Land Rover Eye Tracking

Jaguar Land Rover’s eye-tracking tech lets you control your wipers with your eyes

Jaguar Land Rover has published a patent detailing a new eye-tracking technology.
Roush Mustang

With 670 horsepower on tap, Roush’s Stage 3 Mustang will keep Hellcats honest

Famed American tuner Roush has released performance specs for its Stage 3 Ford Mustang.
Nissan Titan

Clash of the Titans: Nissan’s ‘Truckumentary’ series oozes with diesel goodness

Nissan has released the sixth episode of its ‘Truckumentary’ series called “Diesel Goodness.”
tesla p85d vs mitsubishi evo x drag race video specs

Tesla’s Model S P85D is so powerful, this Evo X self-destructs before the race even begins

A new video of a Tesla Model S P85D has surfaced on the Internet, and this time it’s racing a heavily-modified Mitsubishi Evolution X.
Volkswagen Golf R Mk7

The VW Golf R is one of the best hot hatches around, but its lineage is even better

We’re still enjoying our long-term Volkswagen Golf R tester here at DT -- so much, in fact, that we haven’t found much time to reflect.
Toyota Mirai

Toyota’s hydrogen-fueled Mirai is (quietly) rolling into California dealerships this fall

Toyota has officially confirmed that its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will arrive at California dealerships this fall.
Shelby GT350 Mustang

With magnetic dampers and tuned suspension, the Shelby GT350 is a barely tame track pony

The high-performance Shelby GT350 Mustang goes on sale this fall, and in anticipation, Ford has again put the muscle car’s suspension under the microscope.

Mamma mia! Watch a Ferrari test driver take the whole hypercar stable out for a spin

A track video of four of the most prominent Ferraris of all time has hit the web.
RoadEyesCams recPOP

The recPOP Wi-Fi head-up display turns your smartphone into an infotainment center

A French company called RoadEyesCams has released the recPOP, a new type of head-up display for your car.
Mercedes panoramic roof

Sunroofs shattering on Mercedes-Benz cars, cause still unknown

Several Mercedes-Benz owners have come forward online to reveal issues with their panoramic roofs and sunroofs.

ParkiT’s open spot detection technology is like an ‘X-ray for parking lots’

A Texas startup called ParkiT is looking to make parking more efficient and intuitive.
Mazda MX-5 Cup prototype

Mazda’s slick engineering prototypes could preview the next MX-5 Cup racecar

Mazda is currently developing its official racecar for next year’s Global MX-5 Cup series.
Jeff Gordon Indy 500 pace car

Jeff Gordon to pilot the Corvette Z06 Indy 500 pace car. Can the racers keep up?

General Motors has announced that five-time Brickyard 400 winner Jeff Gordon will drive the Corvette Z06 pace car at the Indianapolis 500 this year.
Mazda CX-3

Mazda’s 2016 CX-3 looks exciting, but can it stand out in a jam-packed segment?

Mazda has released new details about its upcoming CX-3 crossover.

Forget freeway serenity, Porsche’s ‘InnoDrive’ cruise control holds corners at 0.7g

A new report claims that Porsche is developing a new adaptive cruise control system that can hold up to .7g of lateral acceleration.
Zero South Hummer

Think Hummers guzzle gas? These South Pole-bound hybrid H1s might just change your mind

An exploratory team called Zero South is planning a 1,200-mile journey to the South Pole using two modified Hummer H1s.
2016 Honda HR-V

First drive: 2016 Honda HR-V

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition

Chevrolet’s Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition takes cues from a Daytona-winning racecar

Chevrolet has announced the 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition, a special model inspired by the C7.R racecar.
Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept

Hot hatches, you’re on notice: Volkswagen developing Golf R400 production model

Volkswagen’s Head of Powertrain Development, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser, recently said that the Golf R400 concept will see production.
Honda Step WGN

Honda debuts 2015 Step WGN with VTEC Turbo power. Could it preview the new Civic’s engine?

Honda’s Step WGN minivan is a five-door people-carrier designed for the Japanese market.
Callaway Corvette Z06

Callaway announces Corvette Z06 with ‘astounding power,’ but specs are under wraps

American tuner Callaway has announced a new performance package for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.
2016 Subaru WRX

Subaru’s 2016 WRX steps up its tech with Starlink screen, crash avoidance

Subaru has officially announced the 2016 model WRX and WRX STI.
Toyota Mirai

As the hydrogen debate rages, Toyota admits its Mirai FCV is literally ‘Fueled by Bullsh*t’

Toyota and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock have teamed up to create a new promo series for the hydrogen-powered Mirai.
Garmin nuviCam

Garmin’s ‘nuviCam’ rolls dash cams, GPS, and driver-assist safety tech into one

Garmin has officially announced the nuviCam, a GPS-equipped dash cam that also features driver-assist safety capabilities.
Top Gear

Still mourning Top Gear? BBC announces it will air remaining three episodes this year

The BBC has announced that three unaired Top Gear episodes will be released later this year, likely in summer.
Citroen Aircross concept

Citroen’s funky, futuristic Aircross concept is just the right type of weird

French carmaker Citroen has officially debuted the Aircross concept at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.
2016 mazda mx 5 pictures specs features news

Ready to whip an MX-5 around U.S. roads? They’re coming, and we have the details

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 has officially entered production in Japan, and we’ve got all the details about the the fourth-generation roadster.
Chevrolet Camaro

2016 Camaro to feature Drive Mode Selector, active damping, and electric exhaust valves

Chevrolet is continuing to tease the 2016 Camaro by detailing the car’s new Drive Mode Selector, which includes Snow/Ice, Tour, Sport, and Track settings.