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The new Bing preview screen appears on a Surface Laptop Studio.

This Bing flaw let hackers change search results and steal your files

A serious bug in Microsoft’s Azure platform could have let hackers switch up search results and steal the files of millions of users, a security firm has found.
A person on the Google home page while using a MacBook Pro laptop on a desk.

ChatGPT could threaten 300 million jobs around the world

AI tools like ChatGPT could have a huge impact on job security, putting millions of jobs at risk. But there could be good news for workers over the long term.
Bing Chat shown on a laptop.

Tech leaders call for pause of GPT-4.5, GPT-5 development due to ‘large-scale risks’

An open letter signed by Elon Musk and a host of prominent academics has warned AI labs to pause development or risk unleashing catastrophic perils on society.
A laptop opened to the ChatGPT website.

GPT-5 could soon change the world in one incredible way

GPT-5 is coming, and it could help launch an AI revolution. But will its incredible new capabilities be a force for good or bad? That remains to be seen.
Apple's Craig Federighi speaking about macOS security at WWDC 2022.

This Mac malware can steal your credit card data in seconds

Think Macs can’t get viruses? Think again, as a new Mac malware strain has been found that steals credit card info, login data, and even your password database.
A rendering of four Apple mixed-reality headsets (Reality Pro) in various colors sitting on a surface.

Apple’s Reality Pro headset just got demoed in a secret ceremony

Apple just held its largest demo yet for its Reality Pro headset, suggesting the top-secret device is receiving its final finishing touches before launching.
Apple's 24-inch M1 iMac is an all-in-one solution.

6 things I want to see in the new iMac

A new 24-inch iMac is reportedly on the way, complete with new features and better performance. Here’s everything we want to see in Apple’s next all-in-one Mac.
Apple Pencil

The biggest Apple design fails and screw-ups of all time

Even Apple can get a design badly wrong, and these products are the proof. From the butterfly keyboard to the Newton MessagePad, here’s Apple’s hall of shame.
password manager lifestyle image

NordPass adds passkey support to banish your weak passwords

The NordPass password manager has added support for passkeys, letting you log in with a fingerprint or your face and banishing weak passwords in the process.
Microsoft Copilot creating a PowerPoint presentation for a user.

PowerPoint will use ChatGPT to create entire slideshows for you

At an event dubbed The Future of Work with AI, Microsoft outlined how its products can help its users and enhance their work, both now and in the future.
Canva in Firefox on a MacBook.

Firefox just got a great new way to protect your privacy

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has always been focused on privacy, and it’s just integrated a helpful tool that will make blocking email trackers even easier.
Overwatch 2 running on the LG OLED 27 gaming monitor.

Windows 11 could be hurting your gaming performance

An obscure security feature in Windows 11 and Windows 10 could be impacting gaming performance, according to a new set of benchmarks. Should you disable it?
A rendering of an Apple mixed-reality headset (Reality Pro) in a gold color seen from the front.

Apple’s VR headset may have leaked — but there’s a catch

The first pictures of Apple’s Reality Pro headset may have leaked on Twitter, but questions have been raised over the images’ reliability. Can you trust them?
A rendering of an Apple mixed-reality headset (Reality Pro) in a gray color seen from the front.

Apple’s VR headset could launch early, and that’s risky

Apple engineers have been under “huge pressure” to get the Reality Pro headset ready for release after years of delays. Will it be up to scratch in time?
ChatGPT AI bot running a phone.

Microsoft will launch ChatGPT 4 with AI videos next week

Microsoft has just revealed its plans to launch GPT-4 next week. This will power a new version of ChatGPT that could let you create AI videos and music.
The DuckAssist tool in the DuckDuckGo web browser showing a search result with an AI-generated answer summary at the top.

DuckDuckGo is taking on ChatGPT without busting your privacy

DuckDuckGo is the latest browser to integrate ChatGPT-like AI smarts, but it’s doing so without invading your privacy thanks to its new DuckAssist search tool.
Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.

One of Windows 11’s most requested features may launch soon

A new video claims to show a highly requested feature in action in Windows 11. It’s only seen in a dev build, though, so it may never get a full public launch.
Fortnite running on a Macbook M1.

Apple could soon put an M3 chip in its worst laptop

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is the runt of the MacBook litter, but a new report says Apple is still planning to update it with an M3 chip in the coming months.
A student types at a desk on a pink Apple iMac 24-inch M1 desktop computer.

A new iMac and 15-inch MacBook Air are almost ready to launch

Apple is planning a slate of new Macs in the coming months, including a new iMac, 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and much more. It’s going to be a busy summer.
brave browser

Brave browser takes on ChatGPT, but not how you’d expect

Everyone is rushing to add ChatGPT-like AI to their apps, and Brave has just unveiled its own AI tool. But it’s probably not the announcement you would expect.
Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa

Apple’s XR headset could get one of the Mac’s best features

A patent has revealed a new feature in Apple’s Reality Pro headset, and it may hint that one of the Mac’s best features is coming to the mixed-reality device.
Tim Cook presenting the Mac Pro on stage at WWDC in 2019.

Apple confirms a new Mac Pro is coming — but when will it launch?

Apple is still working on an Apple silicon Mac Pro, says a company executive. We still don’t know exactly when it will launch though -- but it could be soon.
malwarebytes laptop

Cybercrime spiked in 2022 — and this year could be worse

A new report suggests cybercrime increased last year, with some types of malware seeing huge increases. But there were some positives among the doom and gloom.
Apple's Craig Federighi speaking about macOS security at WWDC 2022.

Apple’s security trumps Microsoft and Twitter’s, say feds

The US government has come out and said it: Microsoft and Twitter need to learn a thing or two from Apple’s security practices, which leave them in the dust.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

LastPass reveals how it got hacked — and it’s not good news

LastPass was hacked repeatedly in 2022, and the company has just disclosed how it happened. The revelations don’t look good for the prominent password manager.
A rendering of an Apple mixed-reality headset (Reality Pro) in a gold color seen from the front.

Apple’s second-generation VR headset is already in the works

Apple has already begun developing a second-generation mixed-reality headset to follow the Reality Pro -- and it could launch pretty soon, a report claims.
Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display review green wallpaper

5 abandoned Apple products that need to make a comeback

Apple has retired a lot of great products over the years, but there are some I wish it would bring back and start selling again. Here are five of the best.
A close-up of a MacBook illuminated under neon lights.

This devious scam app proves that Macs aren’t bulletproof

Do you download pirated apps on your Mac? Be careful, as new research shows infected apps can hijack your Mac to mine cryptocurrencies virtually undetected.
The screen of the MacBook Air M2.

Apple just made a huge move to power up your next MacBook

Apple has reportedly bought up the entire supply of TSMC’s 3-nanometer chips, potentially giving your next iPhone or Mac a massive boost versus rival devices.
A physical lock placed on a keyboard to represent a locked keyboard.

This major Apple bug could let hackers steal your photos and wipe your device

Hackers have found a way to break into your Apple device and steal your photos, access your camera, and even wipe your device’s contents. Update it now.
everything apple announced at its one more thing event m1 macbook pro 13

The best MacBook in 2023

With plenty of MacBook models to choose from, which should you buy? Our guide examines performance, battery life, design, and more to find your answer.
The MacBook Pro on a wooden table.

Your next MacBook Pro could be even faster than expected

Apple’s Mac chips are some of the best in the business, but a new report claims they’ll be even better than expected. That’s exciting news for Mac fans.
A rendering of four Apple mixed-reality headsets (Reality Pro) in various colors sitting on a surface.

We now know why Apple’s Reality Pro headset was delayed

Apple’s Reality Pro headset is apparently delayed until June, and we may know why thanks to a new report that also includes a previously unconfirmed detail.
An Apple iMac from 2019 placed on a desk. The macOS Mojave operating system is on its display.

Ranking the best (and worst) versions of macOS from the last 20 years

Among the many versions of macOS and OS X released over the years, some stand out as exceptional -- or exceptionally bad. These are our picks from Mac history.