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Andy Meek

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Andy is a business reporter in Memphis who also writes for several national publications focused mostly on business and technology. He’s a chronic Beatlemaniac, single-handedly keeps several newspapers and magazines in business because of the voraciousness of his reading habits. He also enjoys prognosticating about the fate of Nintendo.

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Amazon isn’t the future, it’s the right now, says Bosch creator Michael Connelly

We speak with the creators and cast of Bosch, Amazon Prime's first one-hour drama, about what it's like to make a show for the online giant. Amazon, it seems, is just as normal as any other TV network these days.
Emerging Tech

These 5 tech companies will help you find clothes that actually fit

We explore some of the online (and brick-and-mortar) retailers that are offering new ways to find clothes that fit. Here are a few ways that technology is resizing and reshaping today's clothing racks.
Movies & TV

For comedian Iliza Shlesinger, telling jokes on Netflix is ‘terrifying, but cool’

Netflix is making a big push for much more original content this year than it cranked out last year, everything from TV series to documentaries to comedy specials like the one from comedian Iliza Shlesinger, debuting Jan. 23.

From Delivery drones to Fire Phones: Amazon’s best and worst moments of 2014

Whatever one thinks about Amazon, the past 12 months proved to be a consequential, productive stretch for a company whose CEO founder Jeff Bezos is often prone to ambitions that can sound far-fetched and prescient in equal measure.

Camera+ co-founder Lisa Bettany launches first mobile game

Lisa Bettany, co-founder of popular photo app Camera+, has taken a creative left turn and released her first solo project: a mobile game. The game, called "poppets," features plush characters that navigate obstacles with floating balloons.

You will get fooled again: The Who is making an Oculus Rift app for its 50th anniversary

The Who, celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, are bringing their music and some related content to the Oculus Rift via an app gives users an immersive dive into the band’s legacy.