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Andy Meek

Andy Meek

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Andy is a business reporter in Memphis who also writes for several national publications focused mostly on business and technology. He’s a chronic Beatlemaniac, single-handedly keeps several newspapers and magazines in business because of the voraciousness of his reading habits. He also enjoys prognosticating about the fate of Nintendo.

bosch season 1 interview 014

Amazon isn’t the future, it’s the right now, says Bosch creator Michael Connelly

Amazon will release its first hour-long drama "Bosch," based on books by Michael Connelly, Feb. 13.
Protos Eyewear

These 5 tech companies will help you find clothes that actually fit

Startups and established companies alike are finding new ways for tech to improve fashion, using things like cameras and algorithms.
iliza shlesinger netflix freezing hot interview 002

For comedian Iliza Shlesinger, telling jokes on Netflix is ‘terrifying, but cool’

With Netflix releasing her original comedy special Jan. 23, comedian Iliza Shlesinger says she feels like she’s “sitting at the cool kids’ table.”
mobileamazon a look back at 2014 amazon fire phone tv tablet kindle

From Delivery drones to Fire Phones: Amazon’s best and worst moments of 2014

This year was a big one for Amazon, which pushed deeper into content, expanded its hardware offerings - and encountered plenty of obstacles along the way.
bettany poppets lisa

Camera+ co-founder Lisa Bettany launches first mobile game

Lisa Bettany, co-founder of popular photo app Camera+, has taken a creative left turn and released her first solo project: a mobile game.
who app on oculus rift a2f2971b263089bb2b82b479264ff5e3

You will get fooled again: The Who is making an Oculus Rift app for its 50th anniversary

OK Go Drones robot scooters

Behind the scenes of OK Go’s mind-boggling new music video

Actor Jeffrey Tambor and Writer/Director Jill Soloway on the set of Transparent

The best thing Amazon did for its new show ‘Transparent’ was doing nothing at all

atari founder flappy bird creator unlikely repeat success nolan bushnell

Atari founder: Simple sells, but Flappy Bird’s creator will struggle to do it twice

To-Fu Fury

5 clever apps and games that leverage the 3D screen in Amazon’s Fire Phone

Lisa Bettany

Figure skater, photographer, now game developer, Lisa Bettany keeps on creating

ok go guitarists app empire andy ross

OK Go makes it rain: Lead guitarist on his top-selling mobile game

Google+ editorial

If Google doesn’t care about Google+, then why should we?

fire phone vs iphone 5s amazon

Amazon doesn’t want to sell you everything, it wants to be everywhere