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iPod Classic

For music lovers, the iPod Classic’s demise is like a favorite band breaking up

Jawbone Up review fitness band 4

Jawbone Up24 review

apple watch redefine the smartwatch space effect on

Even if you don’t buy an Apple Watch, it’s shaping the smartwatch you will buy

how ifa 2014 reshaped the landscape for wearable tech samsung galaxy gear s wearables feature

How IFA 2014 reshaped the landscape for wearable tech

JawBone Up tracking

Wearables don’t just let us compete with strangers, they let us peep on them too


7 upcoming wearables that make us laugh, cringe, and secretly covet

CarePredict Tempo

6 wearables that help regular people live with dangerous health conditions

Effective wearables are only now going mainstream, but there are already a number of devices targeting more serious health concerns.
Hewlett-Packard HP-01

6 wearable gadgets that were ahead of their time (and not long for this world)

Fin Rings

6 smart devices that make Google Glass look downright normal

blurred lines continued iosification os x apple keeps blurring with and ios 2

Apple keeps blurring lines with OS X and iOS, but when do things get too hazy?

amazons ios kindle app update unlimited beach

Kindle Unlimited is like Spotify for books … so do authors get screwed?

oneplus one mini news version 1444970795 camera

Startups like OnePlus may be the saviors of true smartphone innovation

want listen algorithms still cant tell like humans can dj

What do you want to listen to? Algorithms still can’t tell like humans can

google io 2015 android tv channels melds streaming live together hands on apps

How does Google shake off failure? Owning it and moving on

White House Maker Faire

Maker Faires aren’t just the future of tech – they’re the future of America

amazon music unlimited prime day deal

Amazon Music: Still far from Spotify, but a good start

Brian Heater 060914

Dear B&N: We’ll miss your originality now that the Nook is just another Tab

BrianHeater 060214

Can Beats get Apple back in rhythm with the music industry?

Brian Heater 052714

If your company isn’t outraging users, you must not be keeping up

microsoft xbox gamescom 2014 livestream brian heater one kinnect

Convenient? Yes, but it turns out Kinect was never essential for Xbox One

will beats go looking back apples list acquisitions steve jobs apple acquisition next 2

Will Beats go on? Looking back at Apple’s other A-list acquisitions

LeapFrog LeapBand

Is a fit band for kids an atrocity, or just a necessary evil in 2014?

project ara close completion launch this year concept

Soon, the perfect device for you will be the one you design yourself

We still need BlackBerry

Don’t stop making phones, BlackBerry! We still need you around

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon might preach open pastures, but it’s not above a little herding

3D printing for living room

Is 3D printing finally ready for your living room? Not quite yet

what its like to give up your smartphone for two weeks power off iphone

I gave up my phone for weeks and experienced the 5 stages of grief

curved screens gimmick or next big thing lg g flex samsung galaxy round

Gimmick or next big thing? The verdict is still out on curved phones