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Cover art for Tomasi and Gleason's run on Batman and Robin.

The Brave and the Bold: How the DC movie could work as a Batman anthology series

The Brave and the Bold will introduce the cinematic DC Universe's incarnation of Batman and has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself as an anthology.
Boba Fett in action in cover art for War of the Bounty Hunters.

Like The Mandalorian? Then you must read these Star Wars bounty hunter books

The Mandalorian season 3 is almost here, but these are some noteworthy bounty hunter- and underworld-themed Star Wars books to prepare for the premiere.
Batman and Robin in Grant Morrison's run on the comic book series.

James Gunn’s Batman can bridge the gap from movies to gaming

James Gunn and Peter Safran have unveiled a piece of the DCU's exciting future, and its Batman can make an ambitious crossover into the gaming medium.
Kaina and Liliha leaping off a branch of the giant tree in Kaina.

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea review: a riveting anime worth your time

Outside of some occasionally stiff animation and uninspired character designs, Crunchyroll's Kaina of the Great Snow Sea is a riveting dose of originality.
The members of Clone Force 99 in promo art for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2.

Beyond The Bad Batch: what’s next for Star Wars animated shows

Lucasfilm has premiered its second season of the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, but the franchise's potential in animation is even greater.
Vash aiming his gun in Trigun Stampede episode 1.

Trigun Stampede review: a promising CG reboot of a classic anime

Time will tell how it will progress, but Crunchyroll's Trigun Stampede series looks to be a promising reimagination of the beloved anime franchise.
The titular Endless surrounded by his supporting cast in The Sandman.

The Sandman and Peacemaker were 2022’s best comic book adaptations

There was certainly no shortage of comic book TV adaptations in 2022, but Netflix's The Sandman and HBO Max's Peacemaker stand above the rest.
Batman and Gordon having coffee in Holiday Knights.

The best DC Animated Universe Christmas episodes

For comic book and superhero fans during the holiday season, there is a solid selection of Christmas-themed adventures within the DC Animated Universe.
Collage of the main cast of Castlevania season 3 on Netflix.

Netflix’s Castlevania series should be your next dark-fantasy fix

With The House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power on hiatus, audiences should rediscover another superb dark fantasy series, Netflix's animated Castlevania.
An "Andor" promo poster featuring Cassian Andor of his supporting cast.

Star Wars: what we’d like to see in Andor season 2

Andor wrapped up its 12-episode first season in a poignant fashion, leaving some exciting potential for the upcoming second and final season.
video games to play after andor star wars disney plus squadrons

5 video games to play after you’ve watched the Star Wars show Andor

Andor has been a grounded breath of fresh air for Star Wars on Disney+, and there are a few solid video games to dive into after checking out the show.
A collage of characters in "Star Wars: The Old Republic" promo art.

Star Wars’ distant past has potential for Game of Thrones-like drama

Star Wars' Andor is currently impressing with its Rebellion-era spy-thriller story, but the Old Republic has the potential for Game of Thrones-esque intrigue.
Anime key art for Aoashi featuring the main cast on the field.

5 soccer anime to watch for World Cup 2022

To capitalize on the global excitement for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, here are a few soccer animesworth streaming on Crunchyroll to get that extra fix.
Torvi and Ubbe in a battle camp in Vikings.

The best movies and TV shows to watch after playing God of War Ragnarök

The long-awaited sequel God of War Ragnarök is finally available on PS4 and PS5, and these are some Norse-themed movies and TV shows worth streaming afterward.
The Major falling into the neon cityscape in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

The best TV sci-fi anime to stream now

There's great depth when it comes to subgenres in anime, and these are some of the most compelling sci-fi TV series to stream now.
Luffy in his new pirate outfit for One Piece Film: Red key art.

One Piece Film Red review: A colorful action-musical anime

One Piece Film: Red's by-the-numbers formula doesn't quite make it stand out, but it's a visual show-stopper and loving expansion of Oda's world.
Key art for Berserk: The Golden Age Arc - Memorial Edition featuring the main cast.

The best anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation (November 2022)

It's been a busy fall and winter season for anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and these are some of the best to stream throughout November.
Batman confronts Catwoman in The Batman.

Why The Batman universe doesn’t need the DCEU

Amid course correcting the DCEU and the scorched-earth approach from the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, The Batman can prove it can stand wholly on its own.
Andor looks to his right in Andor.

Andor shows how human and political Star Wars can be

In a seemingly never-ending stream of Disney+ plus content, Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars venture with Andor proves to be a welcome injection of sincerity.
Tyrion and Daenerys on Dragonstone with Rhaegal and Drogon on either side.

Game of Thrones deserves to be a great video game like Elden Ring

The Game of Thrones IP has been a huge success for HBO thanks to the original show and House of the Dragon, and gaming is a space primed for further expansion.
Batman standing with Gotham and the Red Hood looming overhead.

The best Batman movies and shows on HBO Max

One of the best ways to celebrate Batman is with HBO Max's collection of live-action and animated movies and shows.
True Detective promo art featuring Detectives Harty and Cohle.

The best TV crime dramas to stream now on HBO Max

The HBO brand has established itself as one of the faces of top-tier TV, and HBO Max has naturally become the best place to stream serialized crime dramas.
Batman overlooking the neon lights of Gotham in Arkham Knight.

Batman and the city: depictions of Gotham from The Dark Knight to Gotham Knights

Everyone knows Gotham City is Batman's HQ, but few know how the iconic location has changed in movies like The Dark Knight to video games like Gotham Knights.
Luffy in his new pirate outfit for One Piece Film: Red key art.

Anime we can’t wait to see in 2022

2022 isn't over yet, and there are still some great anime coming down the line that we can't wait to see before the end of the year!
Alucard pointing his gun in Hellsing Ultimate anime key art.

The best horror anime to watch

While the horror genre can be difficult to pull off, these are some of the best anime to blend it into their respective premises.
Griffith, Guts, Casca, and co. in Berserk: The Golden Age arc key art.

The best TV fantasy anime to stream now

Fantasy shows are incredibly popular in anime, and these are some of the best TV shows within that subgenre available to stream now.
A father stands as his daughter sits at a table in House of the Dragon.

More Targaryen lore that House of the Dragon could explore

HBO's House of the Dragon is doing an enticing job building up to the Dance of the Dragons, but there's plenty more to explore should it evolve in an anthology.
Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight in red promo art for The Batman.

Batman’s live-action future should be on HBO, not on the big screen

Matt Reeves' prospective The Batman trilogy is undoubtedly the current focus, but DC should be looking to the HBO brand when the next reboot needs a new angle.
Diego Luna walks through a scrapyard of ships in a scene from Andor.

Andor has a chance to make Star Wars feel fresh one more time

Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars series Andor has finally premiered on Disney+, and despite treading familiar canon, it has a chance to make that era feel fresh.
Cassian Andor and the supporting cast in an Andor promo poster.

Everything you need to know before watching Andor on Disney+

Before Andor's premiere on September 21, read our brief primer on what you need to know about Star Wars, Cassian Andor, and Rogue One before watching the show.
Key art of the main trio in Goodbye, Don Glees! laughing together.

Goodbye, Don Glees! review: A coming-of-age anime for all ages

Goodbye, Don Glees! is a delightfully small-scale coming-of-age anime that serves as an emotional reminder to make the most of the here and now.
Promo poster for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 featuring a collage of the main cast.

The best action anime of 2022 so far

Though some series are still left to premiere in 2022, there has been some excellent action anime so far like Spy x Family and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
Demon's Souls key art featuring the protagonist facing the undead and the looming Boletaria gates.

Video games to play for fans of House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings

Fall 2022 is a great time for fantasy fans, and there are several excellent video games to check for fans of House of the Dragon and The Lord of the Rings.
Neon-colored and psychedelic promo art of David Haller for Legion season 3.

FX’s Legion is still the most ambitious Marvel TV show

TV has now become a focus of the MCU's Phases, but the FX X-Men spin-off series Legion is still the overall Marvel brand's most ambitious show.