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Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Kevin Kelly is a writer and pop culture junkie with a fixation on video games, movies, and board games. His writing has been seen at io9, Film School Rejects, Machinima, TechRadar, Wizard World, and The Austin Chronicle. He lives in Los Angeles and does not know how to surf. Follow him on Twitter @kevinkelly.

Gravity VFX 010

Oscar Effects: Before Alfonso Cuarón could make ‘Gravity,’ he had to overcome it

enders game director talks sacraficing book make movie gavin hood 2 1500x844

The director of ‘Ender’s Game’ explains where the book ends and the film begins


Harrison Ford on zero gravity, gluing spaceships together, and ‘Enders Game’

enders game review 11

‘Ender’s Game’ is satisfying Sci-Fi, as long as you haven’t read the book


‘Gravity’ was awesome, but was it realistic? We asked two astronauts to find out

gravity movie review space 2

‘Gravity’ fills the vacuum of space with icy, unblinking suspense

interview how matthew margeson created the sounds of a supervillain in kick ass 2 ka2a

Kick Ass 2’s composer discusses building a better bad guy theme

elysium director neill blomkamp on technology society and the dystopia between neil interview header

Interview: How Neill Blomkamp reimagined L.A. as a wheel in the sky in ‘Elysium’

Elysium main

Review: ‘Elysium’ offers a sci-fi fairy tale about the haves and the have nots

planetside 2 creative director matt higby talks about bringing the game to ps4 and whats next ps2b

‘PlanetSide 2’s’ creative director talks about the PS4 and what’s next

dc universe online executive producer larry liberty talks playstation 4 game updates scr dlc7 supermanoriginoperation 004

‘DC Universe Online’s’ executive producer talks moving to the PS4

earth defense force 2025 bigger bugs more vehicles and over 700 weapons edf2

‘Earth Defense Force 2025:’ Bigger bugs, more vehicles, and over 700 weapons

Mad Catz brings a micro console, an Xbox One fight stick, and rumble headphones to E3 2013

IndieCade: The show within a show at E3 and the Renaissance of indie gaming

Hands-on with ‘Disney Infinity:’ combining toys, imagination, and the bizarre

‘Company of Heroes 2’ preview: War is cold, bitter, and deep

Hands-on with’s ‘World of Warplanes’

World of Warships: Wargaming pushes opts for strategy

‘Defiance’ DLC rolling out as the television show moves on to a second season

ArcheAge: Trion brings a very pretty new MMO out to play

‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ is huge and full of monsters

It’s definitely a pirate’s life for you in ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’

'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' takes a beloved franchise and adds awesome naval battles, swordplay, treasure hunting, and underwater exploration.

Behind the wheel in Ubisoft’s open world, multiplayer racing game ‘The Crew’

'The Crew' manages to translate the teamup properties of 'Fast & Furious' into a open world game that puts emphasis on fun instead of capturing the flag.

First look at ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division,’ Ubisoft’s doomsday RPG shooter

The Division was the last reveal at the end of Ubisoft's press conference, and it has us totally excited about entering this open-world, online RPG.

Sony Announces Mad Max

Highlights from Ubisoft’s E3 2013 Press Conference: The Crew, The Division, and More

Ubisoft's E3 press conference was peppered with highlights of games that we knew were coming, and two that we didn't. Check out the highlights.

Twitch TV streaming is heading to the Xbox One

Microsoft reveals a new partnership with Twitch TV that will bring the gaming-centric broadcaster to the Xbox One.

BioShock Infinite review

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm review