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Kwame Opam

Kwame Opam

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Kwame graduated from Stony Brook University with BA in Anthropology and has a Masters in Media Studies. He's done stints at Gizmodo, Geekosystem, and The Daily, where he did reviews and commented on only the finest memes. Most often you can find him playing with at least two smartphones, reading comics, and griping about the ending of Lost. Follow him on Twitter at @kwameopam and Instagram at @kwames.

tumblr dash

Tumblr’s new notification feed: Is Tumblr trying to one-up Facebook?

Tumblr just rolled out a new notification feed for user's Dashboard. At first glance it's a simple update, but could they be going after Facebook?

Video-sharing service Telly introduces My Telly to pull your eyeballs away from YouTube

With My Telly, video-sharing service Telly wants you to pull away from YouTube and start discovering content from friends you're sure to love.

Twitter tweaks its mobile offerings, emphasizing Search and Discovery

Twitter has today updated its mobile clients to make it easier for users to search for and discover new content.

Facebook reportedly developing a friend tracking app

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is developing a location tracking app due out this March. Your privacy might be in danger. Or it might not.
this message will self destruct why were obsessed with ephemeral messaging blown up phone

This message will self-destruct: Why our digital conversations shouldn’t last forever

With new apps like Wickr seeing release, the idea of self-destructing messages has become a real trend. But why are we so keen on destroying what we share?
vineit app

Vineit turns Vine and Tumblr into a match made in heaven

Still in love with Vine? Good. Because, thanks to Vineit, you now have the means to plant those Vines on your Tumblr for everyone to ogle. grows up, transforms from a Twitter clone into a social Dropbox made waves last year by trying to be an ad-free Twitter competitor. Now, it's changing into a social storage platform for online sharing.
vine censor

Vine blocking NSFW content, hopes Apple doesn’t find its porn stash

Vine is doing all it can to contain its porn problem, leaving us all to wonder if Apple will pull the app for violating its policies.
Facebook settlement

Facebook owes you up to $10, here’s why (and how) you should sign up to claim it

If you received an email alerting you the Facebook using your likeness in a Sponsored Story, you're eligible for $10. It's not much, but do it anyway.

HP preparing to launch its own Chromebook

HP is joining Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo in releasing a Chromebook. Talk about a big get for Google

Vine-stalking is now a thing thanks to Vinepeek and VineRoulette (and a total lack of privacy settings)

Looking for inspiration for your next Vine clip? These sites let you watch all the Vines happening in the world in real-time.

TweetTV turns your computer into the last TV guide you’ll ever need

Second screen apps are a dime a dozen these days, but TweetTV makes it easier than ever simply by living on any computing device you might own.
the best devices that will kill mouse dead computer mousetrap

Mousetrap: Four next-gen controllers that will kill the mouse as we know it

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, but all its innovation is confusingly desktop-only. Here's why Graph Search needs to be on mobile in a hurry

DeleteMe Mobile lets you delete private information from data miners from your phone

DeleteMe Mobile is a new app that promises to keep your online private information out of the hands of data miners
review dells xps 15 is still a beast in windows 8 world dell sq

Bloomberg: Dell in buyout talks with private-equity firms

According to Bloomberg, Dell is in talks with private-equity firms to leave the stock market. Yet another death knell for the dying PC industry.
branch conversation

Discussion-based social network Branch opens to the public with new features in tow

Branch, the social network for conversation that launched last year, has just left private beta and is open to the public

Raspberry Pi close to selling one million units

The Raspberry Pi, the $35 micro-computer that could, is doing well after last summer's setbacks. In fact, it may have reached a million units sold
New digg logo

Digg staging a comeback, doubles its users since August

Could Digg be on the rise again? According to a recent blog post, the once-great social news site doubled its users since last August

Ready for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration? Be sure to bring your ‘social media butler’

Heading to the Inauguration but need someone to tweet for you? Washington D.C.'s Madison Hotel has you covered with your own social media butler - really.
samsung unveils its supercharged series 7 ultrabooks

Samsung unveils supercharged Series 7 Ultrabooks

Craigslist expanding its maps to include yard sales and flea markets

Craigslist is expanding its mapping utility, allowing users to see where and when yard sales and flea markets are happening.
snapchats photo

Snapchat vs. Poke: The ToS Showdown

In case you missed it, Snapchat and Facebook's Poke are vying for your self-destruct messages. But here's what you should know before you sign up for either.

Sell anything anywhere in a second thanks to new startup SellSimple

SellSimple is a new app and startup created to make selling anything you want on any of the big e-commerce site as simple as possible.
Samsung Chromebox review

Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Review

Google’s Google+ strategy: Evil, but still working

Google is forcing users to sign up for Google+ when they sign up for their other services. And the strategy is working regardless of right and wrong.

Intel’s rumored set-top box is already facing delays

Apple partnering with Broadcom to bring 5G Wi-Fi to 2013 Macs

best memes of 2012

The Best Memes of 2012. Period.

The top memes of 2012, the cream of the crop of the very lifeblood of the Internet.
heres to you 2012 a look back in gifs at the year

GIFs that kept on giving: The year’s best bite-sized animations

2012 is almost over! So what better way to celebrate than to kick back and watch some GIFs?
wp8 social

The best social apps – or the next best thing – for the inexplicable Windows Phone 8 user

Despite being a dark horse in the smartphone wars, Windows Phone may do well this holiday season. Here are some of the best social apps for Windows Phone 8.

ICANN domain lottery may open the Web to .kittens and .transformers in 2013

via the guardian

Facebook removing “via” attribution for third-party apps

Facebook is changing the script for digital marketers. Your favorite third-party app for posting will no longer get attribution, which may mean more clicks
google music scan and match

Google Music introduces scan and match for U.S. users

After a long wait, Google's music service is finally bringing a scan and match feature to US users.