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Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.

Sling TV adds live scores and more for sports fans

Sling TV has added more scores and stats for more sports leagues, along with another handful of new features for subscribers.
espn bet launches november 14

ESPN Bet online sportsbook to launch November 14 in 17 states

ESPN Bet — a rebrand of the PENN Entertainment sportsbook — will launch in 17 states on November 14.
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2023) and Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023).

The best Amazon Fire TV device you should buy in 2023

There's no shortage of Amazon Fire TV devices out there — but we've nailed down the three you should actually consider.
Netflix app icon on Apple TV.

Netflix’s ad-supported tier will include ad-free bonus episodes in 2024

Watch three in a row and you'll get the fourth ad-free, Netflix says, as new sign-ups to the cheaper advertising tier hit 30 percent.
NFL Sunday Ticket on a TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket slashes price for the back half of the season

If you've been eyeballing NFL Sunday Ticket, but didn't want to pay close to $400, you can now get the back half of the season for half the price.
NFL Sunday Ticket info as seen on a TV.

YouTube NFL outage: Should Google give refunds or credits?

Google's first real hiccup streaming NFL Sunday Ticket doesn't appear to come with any recourse for subscribers. Welcome to the future, folks.
An error message for the NFL on YouTube and YouTube TV

NFL buffering on YouTube TV? You’re not alone today

Google says it's aware of issues today with the NFL games on YouTube and YouTube TV, and it's working on a fix.
Reset options for Apple TV.

How to reset an Apple TV to its factory settings

Apple TV is considered to be among the best streaming hardware you can buy. Here's how to reset it.
The ticket showing when you joined the Threads social media service.

How to find your Threads ticket to show when you joined

The Threads social network has somewhere around 100 million users, and many of them are posting screenshots of the ticket that shows when they joined up.
App icons on the Apple TV homescreen.

Everyone is missing the point on streaming video

Asking whether streaming video is still worth it is very much asking the wrong question. At least if you care about your own control and flexibility.
FuboTV app icon on Apple TV.

Fubo tweaks its plans again, and actually lowers price of one tier

Fubo has renamed and revamped its most expensive tier — but also made it a little more affordable in the process.
Apple TV beta software options as seen on a TV.

Should you install beta updates for Apple TV 4K?

Apple TV makes it easy to install beta software to test out new features before they're fully baked. But is that really a good idea?
The new sidebar visible in the TV app on Apple TV in the tvOS 17.2 developer beta.

Apple TV’s tvOS 17.2 beta adds a sidebar to the TV app

The TV app on Apple TV is getting slightly less clunky in tvOS 17.2. Or at least it's rearranging the mess somewhat.
A setup screen on the TCL Q6 television allowing you to choose Google TV or a basic TV mode.

How to set up the TCL Q6 Google TV

Whether you're using it as a basic television or going for the full Google TV experience, setting up the TCL Q6 takes just a few minutes.
The Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C and MagSafe buds on a table with case in the background.

New AirPods teased for 2024, to little surprise

A report from Bloomberg citing unnamed sources says to expect new AirPods in 2024, which makes sense given that we're all currently closing out 2023.
YouTube TV showing NFL games and bowling in multiview.

YouTube TV is still growing on the back of NFL Sunday Ticket

We don't know exactly how many subscribers YouTube TV has these days, but Google says it's still growing, thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket.
Spotify on an iPhone.

Spotify adds subscribers, still hasn’t added high-res audio

Spotify managed to still add subscribers in the months following a price increase, but the streaming music service still lacks any kind of high-res audio.
Promo image for Crunchyroll on Amazon Prime Video Channels

Crunchyroll now available on Amazon Prime Video Channels

Crunchyroll is one of the biggest and best ways to stream anime straight from Japan. And it's now available on Amazon Prime Video Channels.
The TCL Q6 television has a fairly standard implementation of Google TV.

How to reset the TCL Q6 QLED Google TV

It's good to know how to reset the TCL Q6 Google TV — even if you hope you never have to do it. (Or at least do it very often.)
Netflix app icon on Apple TV.

Netflix is about to get more expensive, again

Netflix is increasing the monthly price of two of its plans in the U.S., U.K, and France, with other changes to come globally.
The small widgets on the Amazon Fire TV Ambient Experience.

How to change the Amazon Fire TV Ambient Experience background

Amazon has a some wonderful options for backgrounds in its new Fire TV Ambient Experience. Here's how to experience them all.
Part of a promo image for The Netflix Cup.

The Netflix Cup combines F1 and the PGA Tour in Las Vegas

It's official: Formula 1 and the PGA Tour are teaming up for The Netflix Cup — a nine-hole golf match teaming drivers with PGA Tour pros on November 14.
The Digital Trends YouTube channel as seen on an iPhone and on a TV in the background.

YouTube rolling out some three-dozen new features this fall

Whether you're on a phone, a tablet, or in a desktop browser, YouTube has a number of new features headed your way to make binging video that much better.
A promo image of SportsEngine Play.

SportsEngine Play adds streaming video for parents and pros

SportsEngine Play offers parents and coaches more live-streaming opportunities than ever before, along with professional instruction and developmental video.
TCL Q6 mounted on a wall in a bedroom.

TCL Q6 review: the price is right

The TCL Q6 is at the bottom of the top end of the manufacturer's lineup, with a price and experience that's plenty affordable.
A setup screen on a TCL TV.

This is as close as we’ll get to a dumb TV anytime soon

It's not quite what folks want in a true dumb TV, but that TCL gives you any option not to use the full Google TV system is a good choice to have.
Three college football games (and one ad) seen on a large TV on YouTube TV.

Multiview almost fixes one of the biggest problems with YouTube TV

Channel flipping isn't as quick to do on streaming services, and maybe that isn't a bad thing. But Multiview almost makes for a perfect substitute.
streaming platform best screensaver apple tv 13

Which streaming platform has the best screensavers?

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku each has good options for screensavers on their various streaming devices. But one platform definitely stands out.
Los Angeles International Airport as seen in a very real Apple TV screensaver.

Are Apple TV screensavers real?

Yes, Apple TV screensavers are real. And they're spectacular. (And if you still don't believe us, read on for more.)
An Apple TV 4K set-top box and remote control sit on a media stand.

Should you buy an obsolete Apple TV?

This probably should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Do not buy obsolete hardware with unsupported software. Even if it's inexpensive.
HBO Max and Discovery+ app icons.

Discovery+ raises price for ad-free subscriptions

If you're still using the standalone Discovery+ streaming service, get ready for a price increase. (Or just move to Max and get it all, plus HBO and CNN.)
The 2023, second-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max review: second-generation success

The second-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the one to get. It doesn't break the bank, and has an excellent new Ambient Experience.
Press images and screenshots of the ChatGPT-powered Rabbit AI search features on Tubi on an iPhone.

Tubi supercharges its search with ChatGPT-4 and Rabbit AI

Tubi is revamping how you search for and discovery content in its massive on-demand catalog, using ChatGPT-4 for its new Rabbit AI feature.
Amazon Prime Video on a TV.

Amazon Prime Video is adding advertising in early 2024

Amazon — one of the few holdouts to in-content advertising — will include ads in movies and shows on Prime Video starting in early 2024, unless you want to pay.