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The March Madness app on an iPhone.

How to watch March Madness online

March Madness is back, with the 2023 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament scheduled to run from March 14 to April 3. Here's how to watch every game.
Roku Select Series television.

The first Roku-made televisions are now available at Best Buy

The Roku Select Series and Roku Plus Series televisions are the first to be made by the streaming veteran under its own name.
Hulu app icon on Roku.

Hulu Live loses Sinclair-owned ABC affiliates

If you have Hulu With Live TV and live in a town that has a Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate, the latter is now missing from the former due to a contract dispute.
how to share google one family app android

How to share Google One storage with your family

Google One lets you share extra cloud storage with your family — but Google doesn't turn that feature on by default. Here's how to fix that.
Sonos TruePlay settings.

The Sonos Era speakers solve a major problem for Android users

The Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers are the first to employ Trueplay customization on the speakers themselves and no longer require the use of a smartphone.
Phil Nickinson, as edited by Adobe Photoshop's Neural Filter.

Photoshop AI thinks ‘happiness’ is a smile with rotten teeth

Photoshop and Lightroom are essential tools for any photographer. But you just can't leave it in the hands of artificial intelligence.
A Sonos email touting an upcoming launch.

Sonos teases upcoming launch of the Era generation

Sonos has sent out a marketing email teasing the next era of its popular wireless speakers.
The Mandalorian Google Easter Egg as seen on a phone.

Google has the cutest Mandalorian Easter egg

The Mandalorian is back with Season 3, and Google's got a great little Easter egg to celebrate.
Atlanta-San Jose game page for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

MLS Season Pass on Apple TV shows everyone else how to stream sports

The opening match of the 2023 MLS season made it obvious — Apple TV can stream live sports in the sort of quality you'd expect from Apple.
MLS Season Pass on a TV.

Watch every MLS game for free this weekend on Apple TV

The first 14 games of the 2023 MLS season are available for free on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.
Lord of the Rings.

More Lord of the Rings movies are coming

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and president David Zazlav said multiple new Lord of the Rings movies are coming, though he gave no other details.
MLS Season Pass on T-Mobile Tuesday app.

T-Mobile customers can now get MLS Season Pass for free

If you're a T-Mobile wireless customer, you can now snag your free subscription for MLS Season Pass and watch every game in 2023.
Sonos Logo on a Sonos One speaker.

The next generation of Sonos speakers has leaked, again

Lifestyle images of the Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers have leaked ahead of their announcement.
Paramount Plus logo on an Apple TV.

As promised, Paramount+ is increasing its prices

Paramount+ will increase its rates in the second half of 2023 when the streaming service absorbs the Showtime network.
mls season pass t mobile free 4

MLS Season Pass will be available to sports bars and the like

If you prefer to watch your favorite MLS team from the comfort of your favorite sports bar, MLS Season Pass will be available.
MLS Season Pass on an iPhone.

T-Mobile subscribers can get MLS Season Pass for free

T-Mobile subscribers can get a free subscription to MLS Season Pass as part of the T-Mobile on Us program.
MLS Season Pass.

MLS Season Pass tops out at 1080p — here’s why that’s probably OK

MLS Season Pass won't have games in 4K on Apple TV, but that's probably just fine.
Viziogram photo and video sharing.

Viziogram looks to make your Vizio TV more social

Viziogram aims to be a simple way to share photos and video with friends and family who own a Vizio TV.
Netflix app icon on Apple TV.

Netflix expands its anti-password sharing scheme

Netflix is slowly working toward making 100 million pay up instead of using someone else's account — and four more countries are on the list.
Discovery+ app icon on Apple TV homescreen.

Discovery+ reportedly won’t be killed off

A report from the Wall Street Journal says that the Discovery+ streaming service will live alongside the new combined service in the works from Warner Bros. Discovery.
NFL on YouTube TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket may get typical YouTube community features

Google's earnings call may have revealed a few features NFL Sunday Ticket will enjoy on YouTube, with months to go before we actually see them.
The Netflix logo in app.

Netflix screwed up, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong

Allowing users to share passwords has come back to bite Netflix where it hurts most — in the wallet.
Apple MLS Season Pass.

Apple’s MLS Season Pass is about more than just streaming games

Apple's MLS Season Pass is now available ahead of the season kickoff February 25, with more than just streaming on the agenda.
YouTube TV on Roku.

YouTube TV loses MLB Network and MLB.TV add-on

YouTube TV subscribers no longer have MLB Network in their listings, and the MLB.TV add-on is gone, too.
Peacock plans on a TV.

Peacock does away with free tier for new subscribers

The Peacock streaming service has quietly killed off its free plan, with new subscribers now required to choose between a $5- or $10-a-month tier.
App icons for Paramount Plus and Showtime.

Showtime is being merged into Paramount+

The premium Showtime service is going to become a part of Paramount+ later in 2023, the company announced.
Puppy Bowl info in a puppy bowl.

How to watch Puppy Bowl 2023

The Puppy Bowl is back for 2023, and it's better than ever, with more dogs, more adoptions, and the fan-favorite water-bowl cam!
Nest Hub Max in the kitchen.

Why the Nest Hub Max still rocks as a kitchen TV

It's getting up there in age, but the Nest Hub Max is still an excellent option for a television in the kitchen.
A family watching the LG CineBeam Portable Projector.

LG’s latest portable CineBeam Projector now available for $600

The CineBeam Smart Portable Projector is aimed at making it easy to take up to a 120-inch picture from one room to another with minimal effort.
Netflix app icon on Apple TV.

Netflix to expand paid password sharing in Q1

Netflix says it'll expand its program that aims to curb password sharing — but it didn't give too many more details.
SiriusXM app on Vizio Smartcast.

SiriusXM now has an app for Vizio TVs

You can now stream all the SiriusXM you want, directly from your Vizio TV.
Handoff between Apple iPhone and Apple HomePod second-gen.

The new HomePod is still too expensive, which is exactly how Apple wants it

The new 2023 Apple HomePod shaves $50 off the old price, but still finds itself looking down its nose at the competition.
HBO Max app icon on Apple TV.

Ad-free HBO Max is about to get more expensive

The ad-free tier of HBO Max will become $1 more expensive starting in February, the company announced.
TCL's Scott Ramirez at CES 2023.

Did Roku just upend the midrange TV landscape?

Roku may well have just sent a sizable shockwave through the affordable TV market. The question, really, is a matter of degree.