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ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

Investigation exposes murkier side of ChatGPT and the AI chatbot industry

A Time investigation has exposed the murkier side of the AI chatbot industry, highlighting how at least one startup has been using questionable practices.
An ad for a product on Amazon.

Amazon shoppers warned of portable SSD drive scam

Shoppers are being warned to be wary of portable SSD drives on Amazon that claim to include 16TB of storage but feature a remarkably low price tag.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter finally confirms it’s behind outage of third-party Twitter apps

Twitter has finally confirmed what everyone kind of already knew – that it’s behind the outage of third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot and Twitterrific.
A pair of spectacles.

Apple’s AR glasses ‘now appear many years away,’ report says

Apple has suspended work on a pair of lightweight augmented reality (AR) glasses due to technical challenges, a new report claims.
Elon Musk carrying a sink into Twitter's headquarters.

You can bid for Twitter’s bird statue right now

Twitter is auctioning off a bunch of stuff from its headquarters in San Francisco, including a statue of its iconic bird motif.
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy heading to space.

Watch SpaceX footage of Falcon Heavy from launch to landing

SpaceX has shared a cool video of its recent Falcon Heavy mission, tracking it with a single camera and compressing its flight into just 120 seconds.
A lightning strike.

Scientists use powerful lasers to divert lightning bolts

Using lasers to divert potentially damaging lightning strikes may sound like science fiction, but some clever folks in Switzerland have apparently done it.
Don Pettit aboard the space station.

Enjoy these amazing space images by NASA’s oldest active astronaut

NASA astronaut Don Pettit hasn't been to space for a decade, but he continues to share some of the amazing images that he captured during his missions.
cnn to test drones for news reports after nod from faa drone camera

Drone crash on Netflix set causes ‘serious disfigurement’ to actor’s face

A high-profile Taiwanese actor was badly injured during a Netflix shoot recently when a camera drone collided with his face.
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy heading to space.

Watch key moments of SpaceX triple-booster Falcon Heavy launch

Watch the highlights of SpaceX's launch of its triple-booster Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sunday evening.
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter.

Mars helicopter keeps on flying as it approaches second anniversary

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has been on Mars for almost two years and the high-tech contraption is still in good enough shape to get airborne.
SpaceX's Super Heavy and Starship.

SpaceX making final preparations for first flight of brand new rocket

It’s been a long time coming, but the first orbital test of SpaceX’s mighty Super Heavy rocket and Starship spacecraft looks to be just weeks away.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter could sell usernames via online auctions

A new report suggests Twitter could be about to auction off the usernames of dormant accounts in a bid to generate revenue for the company.
Vivo V23 Pro photo of a post box.

Brits told not to mail anything abroad after cyber incident

A cyber incident has prompted the U.K.’s Royal Mail to ask the nation’s 67 million citizens not to send anything overseas for the time being.
Russia's Soyuz spacecraft leaking coolant at the space station.

Russia reveals plan to rescue three space station crewmates

Russian space agency Roscosmos has unveiled a plan for bringing home three crewmembers after their Soyuz capsule suffered damage at the space station.
The Polaris Dawn crew.

SpaceX preps Polaris Dawn mission featuring first commercial spacewalk

SpaceX is making final preparations for its all-civilian Polaris Dawn mission, which is expected to involve the first spacewalk by non-professional astronauts.
Apple's App Store.

Guess how much Apple has paid App Store developers — you won’t even be close

Apple has revealed how much it's paid out to App Store developers since its launch in 2008, and it's probably a lot more than you think.
Hyundai's Ioniq 5 EV performing a crab walk.

Watch Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 EV perform a crab walk

Hyundai is making exciting progress with its e-Corner technology that lets a driver crab walk out of a tight spot, among other maneuvers.
NASA's ERBS satellite.

Large NASA satellite falls back to Earth after decades in orbit

After 38 years orbiting Earth, a large NASA satellite has fallen safely back to Earth, with most of if believed to have burned up during its descent.
SpaceX's Starship spacecraft being placed atop the Super Heavy rocket.

SpaceX stacks mighty Super Heavy rocket as it eyes February test launch

SpaceX has shared a video showing its next-generation spaceflight vehicle being stacked on the launchpad ahead of its first test flight.
Virgin Orbit rocket

Virgin Orbit’s first U.K. rocket flight ends in failure

Virgin Orbit’s attempt to become the first spaceflight company to launch an orbital rocket from Western Europe has ended in failure.
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launching from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Watch a SpaceX rocket hurtle to orbit and back in 90 seconds

SpaceX has released a video featuring a rocket’s-eye view of a recent orbital mission, all the way from launch to landing.
Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa.

Apple aiming to unveil its mixed-reality headset this spring

A report on Sunday claims Apple is aiming to unveil its highly anticipated mixed-reality headset in the spring, just ahead of its annual WWDC event.
A meteor shower.

Observe a comet, and other skywatching tips for January

NASA's skywatching tips for January feature some real crackers, including a parade of planets, a winter dazzle of stars, and a recently discovered comet.
A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off on May 30, for the first crewed test flight of the Crew Dragon capsule. flight

SpaceX smashes its own record for rocket launches in a year

The commercial spaceflight company led by Elon Musk increased its rocket launch frequency significantly over the last 12 months.
Russia's Soyuz spacecraft leaking coolant at the space station.

NASA could use SpaceX ship to rescue 3 crewmembers stuck on ISS

NASA is speaking to SpaceX about using a Crew Dragon spacecraft to bring home three space station astronauts who currently have no ride back to Earth.
NASA astronaut Kayla Barron checks plants growing inside the space station's Veggie facility.

Enjoy NASA’s ‘best images’ of science on space station in 2022

NASA has shared its favorite images of science research taking place aboard the International Space Station over the past year.
Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon eyeing standalone app for sports, report claims

Amazon is reportedly considering a new standalone app for its sports content in the latest sign of how streaming platforms are getting into live events.
Falcon 9 launches SXM-8 to orbit on SpaceX’s 125th successful mission, Sunday, Jun 6 2021.

Watch highlights of SpaceX’s 60th rocket launch of 2022

SpaceX launched its 60th mission of the year on Wednesday, deploying another 54 Starlink internet satellites to low-Earth orbit.
Tesla Model Y One Millionth Car

Tesla used car market no longer as lucrative, data shows

For a while, a used Tesla has cost more than a new one, but recent developments have led to a fall in the resale value of the automaker's EVs.
The moment a Spidercam knocks over a cricketer.

Low-flying Spidercam takes down sports player

Footage shows the moment a low-flying Spidercam slammed into cricketer Anrich Nortje during a game between Australia and South Africa.
The power key on the side of the iPhone 14 Plus.

LG shows off optical zoom lens module that banishes the bump

LG's module has a continuous optical zoom for high-quality images throughout the focal-length range, frees up space inside the phone, and banishes the bump.
The space station and Earth.

Space station crew to celebrate New Year, but at what time?

The astronauts aboard the space station are getting ready to see in 2023, but how do they know what time to shout Happy New Year!?
NASA's Orion spacecraft as it flies by the moon.

These missions are heading to the moon in 2023

NASA's recent Artemis I mission has put the spotlight back on lunar exploration, so let's take a look at the moon missions set for 2023.