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A conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Japan.

Restaurant chain to use AI to combat ‘sushi terrorism’

Japan's conveyor-belt sushi restaurants are scrambling to reassure diners following some shocking videos that emerged online recently. AI could be the answer.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

Yay! Twitter has just become less annoying

Twitter has finally updated its Android and iPhone apps so that you once again return to the timeline that you were looking at last.
SpaceX's Starship spacecraft being placed atop the Super Heavy rocket.

Elon Musk says SpaceX eying March for first orbital test of Starship rocket

SpaceX is eyeing March for the first launch of its next-generation rocket, though CEO Elon Musk admitted that the mission's success is far from guaranteed.
A meteorite discovered on Mars in 2023.

NASA Mars rover has discovered an alien rock

While NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover usually gets all the headlines, the older Curiosity rover is still seeking out interesting finds. And it’s just made one.
Earth as seen from the space station.

Watch highlights of NASA’s second spacewalk of 2023

NASA has shared clips of its second International Space Station spacewalk of 2023, which Nicole Mann and Koichi Wakata conducted on Thursday.
TikTok icon illustration.

TikTok should be expelled from app stores, senator says

Citing national security concerns, a Democratic senator has called on Apple and Google to ban TikTok from their app stores.
Jony Ive's red nose.

Jony Ive’s latest design masterpiece? A comedy nose!

Jony Ive, the designer of iconic Apple products such as the iPod, the Mac, the Apple Watch and, of course, the iPhone, has unveiled his latest work: A red nose.
The radioactive capsule found by a search team in Australia.

A search team somehow found that tiny radioactive capsule

Likened to finding a needle in a haystack, a search team has managed to locate a tiny radioactive capsule that recently went missing in Western Australia.
Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra phone.

All of Samsung’s videos from today’s Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked took place earlier today and the tech giant was busy pulling the wraps off gear like it was Christmas all over again.
Person holding an Apple AirTag.

AirTag helps flyer find his AirTag – but not his missing wallet

A frequent flyer thought his AirTag was tracking his lost wallet as he watched it fly around the U.S. But it turned out it was only tracking itself.
Open star clusters many light years from Earth.

Check out NASA’s skywatching tips for February

February is just about upon us and so it's time for NASA to once again share its suggestions on what to look out for in the skies in the coming weeks.
A SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft docked at the ISS.

SpaceX offers ride to Soyuz astronaut in case of ISS emergency

A damaged Soyuz capsule has forced NASA and its Russian counterpart to consider solutions in case the space station needs to be evacuated in an emergency.
NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars.

NASA’s Mars rover has just completed a historic task

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has finished what the space agency is calling humanity’s first sample depot on another planet.
A map of Western Australia.

Aussie authorities still searching for tiny radioactive capsule

Australian authorities are still searching for a tiny radioactive capsule that apparently fell from a truck during a recent journey in the west of the country.
A Crash Detection alert on the iPhone 14.

iPhone’s Crash Detection is still firing off false calls

The Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 and newer Apple Watches is continuing to cause issues for first responders based in ski resorts and elsewhere.
brain with computer text scrolling artificial intelligence

Chinese internet giant to launch its own version of ChatGPT, report says

China is reportedly about to unveil its own AI-powered ChatGPT-like chatbot, with internet giant Baidu gearing up for a March launch.
gm cruise to test fully driverless cars in san francisco

Robotaxis have a passenger problem that no one thought of

San Francisco officials are asking regulators to slow the expansion of robotaxi tests on public roads until the technology is more advanced.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Hack involved the data of a nation’s entire population

A hacker reportedly nabbed the personal data of pretty much all of the residents of a single nation in one fell swoop.
An artist's impression of an asteroid approaching Earth

An asteroid just came incredibly close to Earth

An asteroid just hurtled past Earth in an event described by NASA as “one of the closest approaches by a near-Earth object ever recorded.”
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket heads to space.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carries its heaviest payload to space

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket thundered to space on Thursday morning carrying a payload heavier than it's ever carried before.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

Twitter will soon be a bit less irritating for many people

Twitter is about to make yet another change to the way it presents its content, though we think it'll please most folks on the platform.
An iPhone 14 Pro Max with the display turned on. We see the Home Screen and Pixel Pals running in the Dynamic Island.

Trading in your iPhone with Apple? You’ll get less than yesterday

For the second time in two months, Apple has reduced the trade-in values of many of its iPhone, along with a number of other products.
Trump stylized image

Trump allowed to return to Facebook and Instagram

Donald Trump has been allowed by Meta to start posting again on Facebook and Instagram as he eyes a return to the White House.
Tesla's gigafactory in Nevada.

Tesla invests billions in U.S. gigafactory to boost Semi production

Tesla has announced a major plan to expand its gigafactory in Nevada, with billions of dollars going into two new production facilities.
Rocket Lab launching an Electron rocket from the U.S.

Rocket Lab aces its first launch from U.S. soil

Rocket Lab has completed its maiden mission from its new launch site in the U.S., sending its trusty Electron rocket skyward with a payload of three satellites.

Lyft starts charging riders who keep drivers waiting

Don’t be late for your Lyft ride or you’ll have to cough up some extra cash. Seven years after Uber introduced the same rule, Lyft has followed suit.
bill gates surprised

Bill Gates investment aims to tackle cow burps

Bill Gates' interest in battling climate change is well known, and his latest investment aims to help reduce methane emissions by tackling cow burps.
SpaceX's Starship spacecraft being placed atop the Super Heavy rocket.

SpaceX takes big step toward first flight of most powerful rocket

SpaceX has performed a key test with its next-generation Super Heavy rocket, which will soon become the most powerful space vehicle ever to fly.
Microsoft HQ 2

Microsoft invests billions in ChatGPT maker OpenAI

Microsoft said it will lead to advancements in AI supercomputing and research, and enable both firms to commercialize the resulting AI technologies.
Key West from the ISS.

Astronaut’s stunning image of Key West looks like a painting

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata has been showing off his photography skills, sharing some stunning Earth shots taken from space on Sunday.
A satellite image of Antarctica.

Satellite images of penguin poop lead scientists to ‘exciting discovery’

Satellite images showing bird poop recently led scientists to make what they said was an exciting discovery in Antarctica.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk says Twitter will launch pricier Blue tier free of ads

Twitter chief Elon Musk has said that the platform is planning to offer a higher-priced Blue subscription that will be free of ads.
Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot.

Amazing Atlas robot shows it’s almost ready for work

A new video released by the tech wizards at Boston Dynamics reveals how its Atlas robot could one day be usefully deployed in the workplace.
The Twitterrific bird.

Twitterrific shuts down after being blocked by Twitter

The maker of Twitterrific says it's been left with no choice but to pull its app from app stores after Twitter stopped people from logging in to it.