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Neal Agarwal's Asteroid Launcher.

This awesome asteroid impact simulator isn’t for the faint-hearted

The amazing Asteroid Launcher simulator lets you hurl a space rock at Earth to see the amount of devastation it would cause.
Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro held in hand with a wooden gate in the background

Apple to use made-in-America chips for iPhones and Macs

Apple chief Tim Cook has confirmed that the tech giant has inked a deal to buy 'Made in America' chips for its iPhone, iPads, and Mac computers.
Apple Car rendering from Vanarama.

Apple’s rumored car could cost the same as a Tesla Model S

A report on Tuesday suggests Apple has made significant changes to its plan for an autonomous car, while some elements have yet to be agreed upon.
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter.

NASA’s Mars helicopter has just set a new flight record

During its 35th flight on the red planet on Saturday, NASA's impressive Mars helicopter managed to set yet another aviation record.
How the SKA facility is expected to look when it's finished.

New radio telescope seeks to discover if we are alone in the universe

The world's largest radio telescope – currently under construction in Australia – could potentially track down alien life in the universe.
NASA's Orion spacecraft passing close to the moon.

Orion has close encounter with moon before heading home

NASA has shared remarkable footage showing its Orion spacecraft passing over the lunar surface at an altitude of just 687 miles.
Orion's first image of Earth.

How to track NASA’s Orion spacecraft on its voyage back to Earth

NASA's Orion spacecraft has been in space since last month, and is about to begin its journey back from the moon. You can track its voyage home in real time.
Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa

Mass shipment of Apple’s mixed-reality headset may be delayed

Just days after news emerged that Apple could soon unveil its mixed-reality headset, new information suggests that mass shipments of the product may be delayed.
A new solar array unfurling at the space station in December 2022.

Watch space station’s new solar array unfurl in space

Watch a time-lapse showing NASA's latest solar array unfurling shortly after being installed on the space station on Saturday.
NASA's Orion spacecraft and Earth.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft readies itself for long journey home

Two weeks after leaving Earth on a mission to the moon, NASA’s Orion spacecraft has fired its main engine to put it on a course for the long journey home.
Mars slipping behind the moon.

NASA’s skywatching highlights for December include a lunar occultation

This month offers a great opportunity to witness a lunar occultation of Mars, when the red planet slips behind our nearest neighbor.
Elon Musk driving Tesla's all-electric Semi truck.

Elon Musk delivers Tesla’s first all-electric Semi truck

It's taken a while, but Tesla finally delivered its first all-electric Semi truck at a special event at its Gigafactory in Nevada on Thursday night.
neuralink demo shows monkey telepathic typing

Neuralink demo shows monkey performing ‘telepathic typing’

The latest show-and-tell event from Elon Musk's brain-interface Neuralink venture showed a monkey typing telepathically.
The moon and Earth as seen from the Orion spacecraft in November 2022.

Watch NASA’s cinematic video of the Artemis I moon mission

NASA has released a cinematic video of the current Artemis I mission, featuring some of the best footage and photos captured so far.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk meets Apple’s Tim Cook to settle dispute

Following a series of provocative tweets aimed at Apple this week, Elon Musk met Apple boss Tim Cook at the tech giant's headquarters, and it seemed to go well.
A Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Tesla’s Model 3 is reportedly heading for a redesign

Tesla is currently working on a redesign of the Model 3 in a bid to help the automaker reduce production costs, a new report claims.
Bob Dylan sings into a microphone.

Bob Dylan sorry for using handwriting machine to sign book

Music legend Bob Dylan has admitted to using an autopen to sign his new book, despite it being promoted as “hand-signed.”
The moon and Earth as seen from the Orion spacecraft in November 2022.

This is the stunning view humans will soon get to experience

NASA has released an astonishing image of the moon and Earth that astronauts will soon get to experience for themselves.
Cassette tapes.

Old tech sounds preserved as part of huge audio project

The Cities and Memory sound project includes a growing collection of recordings of various tech gear from years gone by.
Earth and the moon seen from NASA's Orion spacecraft.

NASA’s moon spacecraft sets new distance record

NASA's recently launched Orion capsule has set a new distance record for a spacecraft that's designed to carry humans to space.
tesla electric semi truck debut delivery rec

Elon Musk: fully loaded Tesla Semi aces 500-mile drive

Just days before Tesla delivers its first all-electric Semi truck, company chief Elon Musk said a test drive saw it complete a 500-mile trip fully loaded.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter attempts to sort out verification system with new badges

In a bid to sort out its verification system, Twitter will introduce three colors denoting different types of verified accounts starting Friday, December 2.
The view from the Orion spacecraft as it launched on NASA's SLS rocket in November 2022.

Rocket footage shows awesome new view of Orion spacecraft launch

The European Space Agency has just released a video showing an awesome view of the Orion spacecraft launching on NASA's SLS rocket earlier this month.
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule lifts off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the company’s 22nd Commercial Resupply Services mission to the International Space Station.

How to watch SpaceX launch its new Cargo Dragon capsule to ISS

SpaceX is gearing up to launch a newly built Cargo Dragon spacecraft on a supply mission to the International Space Station on Saturday, November 26.
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter.

Ingenuity takes shortest flight in Martian aviation history

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter recently completed its shortest-ever flight that successfully tested two new capabilities.
2021 ford bronco sport review hero image

Ford recalls more than half a million SUVs over fire risk

Ford has recalled more than 500,000 Escape and Bronco Sport SUVs in the U.S. due to a fire risk involving the fuel injector.
spacex launch booster 11th time falcon9

SpaceX launches booster for 11th time, but this time it didn’t return

SpaceX sent one of its boosters skyward for the 11th time on Tuesday evening. However, unlike its 10 previous flights, this time it didn't return.
The moon and Earth seen from the space station.

Japan admits defeat with its moonbound CubeSat

Japan has ended efforts to put its Omotenashi CubeSat on the lunar surface after the device failed to deliver a line of communication to the mission team.
watch earth rise from the orion spacecraft

Watch this Earth rise as seen from the Orion spacecraft

NASA has shared some beautiful footage captured by the Orion spacecraft showing Earth slowly emerging from behind the moon.
A drone show over Perth, Australia,

Drone show mishap sees flying machines drop out of the sky

A drone-based light show turned chaotic after some of the flying machines began falling out of the sky and crashing into the water during the performance.
FIFA's ticketing app for the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup: FIFA app made U.S. soccer fans’ tickets disappear

The Middle East's first World Cup got off to a rocky start on Monday after some fans were left unable to access their digital tickets after FIFA's app crashed.
Earth, the moon, and the Orion spacecraft.

After lunar flyby, Orion snaps incredible ‘Earthset’ image

NASA posted an incredible Earthset image on Monday. It shows Earth moving behind the moon, with part of the Orion spacecraft also visible.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter closes offices as ‘work pledge’ deadline passes

In a surprise move on Thursday, Twitter closed its offices and suspended badge access, telling staff not to return until Monday, November 21.
Animation screen grab showing NASA's upcoming Mars Sample Return mission.

Watch NASA’s cinematic animation of upcoming Mars Sample Return mission

NASA has released a cinematic animation showing some of the key moments from the upcoming Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission.