Cases, stands, straps, and more: These are the best Apple Watch accessories

Apple Watch accessories

You have a wide range of different Apple Watch models and strap combinations to choose from, and they range in price from $350 all the way up to $17,000, but your options don’t end with your purchase. You can safeguard your precious timepiece, snag a stylish charging solution, or buy a new strap for special occasions. The Apple Watch accessories just keep on coming, and we’ve been digging through them.

Below are a few of our favorite accessories, and if you’re looking to outfit your device with the best apps, check out our roundup of the best apps for the Apple Watch.

BLOC Wireless Dock ($80)

best apple watch accessories bloc dock
You can now charge your Apple Watch on the go with this wireless dock by Boostcase, but you do need to insert your own magnetic charging cable. The BLOC dock can charge your Apple Watch up to four times. It’s aluminum build (also available in bamboo) complements the Apple Watch nicely. There’s a battery with a capacity of 2,000mAh inside and it can be detached and used to charge any iOS devices, as long as you have a charging cable.

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Elevation Lab BatteryPro ($100)

best apple watch accessories batterypro charger
The BatteryPro is an MFi-certified magnetic charger for your Apple Watch. It has a very large 8,000mAh battery inside that can provide several charges for your Apple Watch or other iOS devices. The charger has a strap for the watch to hold it securely in place, so it’s easy to charge it inside a bag without problems. You get a Micro USB cable to charge the BatteryPro in the box, but you’ll need your own cables to charge your Apple Watch or phone. The USB port can also put out 2.4A to charge your iPhone rapidly.

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iNcool Stainless Steel Strap ($19)

best apple watch accessories incool band
This stainless steel strap from iNcool is a great alternative to Apple’s steel band. The band is 304 stainless steel to ensure its durability. It comes with a handy tool, so that you can remove links and adjust it to fit your wrist size. The band also comes with a 12-month warranty, and it can be exchanged or refunded in case of any quality issues. It’s available in black or silver. Read on for more suggestions for great straps or check out our best Apple Watch bands roundup.

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Eco Fused Case Screen Protector ($6-$8)

Eco Fused Apple Watch Screen Protector

Trying to apply a screen protector to an Apple Watch screen can be difficult, but this Eco Fused offering acts as both a case and a clear screen protector. You can choose a soft or hard cover, and because it’s a case, it’s also easy to remove and clean. You can order this case for either the 38-millimeter or 42-millimeter Apple Watch 2. The front screen protector will always be transparent, but you can order the case in a variety of colors. The company also offers packs of two soft and two hard TPU covers, if you would like to try them both.

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Burkley Soft Leather Band ($70)

Burkley Soft Leather Band

You’ll love the look and feel of these soft, genuine leather straps for the Apple Watch. Burkley is expert at fashioning leather accessories, and these straps come in a choice of different finishes and with different buckle styles. The antique coffee finish with the classic buckle gets our vote, but you can pick whatever suits you. The clasp is included, for your chosen size. You’ll find the natural leather ages, so it looks even better when it’s worn in.

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Trident Valet ($7)

Trident Valet

It may look like a display case, but you can use the Valet to charge up your Apple Watch and your iPhone simultaneously. Flip the transparent lid open, and you’ll find the iPhone slots in neatly. There’s a built-in 2,600mAh battery in the Valet, making it a perfect travel companion. It can be charged up using a standard USB to Micro USB cable and there’s one supplied, though you will have to use your own Lightning and Watch cables. It comes in a textured black or white finish, and there are five green LEDs on the front to show remaining battery power.

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Mophie Dock ($30)

Mophie Dock

A minimalist design that hides your charging cable is always welcome, and this Mophie dock delivers it. It’s more stable than it looks, thanks to a solid aluminum frame, and the leather accents look classy and cushion your Apple Watch from damage. You’ll have to slot your own cable in, but it’s fairly easy to set up. It works well with any Apple watch size or strap, and it won’t look out of place on most desks or nightstands.

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Aerb Bamboo Docking Station ($8)

Aerb Bamboo Docking Station

This bamboo docking station is essentially an attractive block of bamboo with some well-placed grooves and hollows. It’s designed to act as a stand for both your Apple Watch and your iPhone. You’ll have to slide in your own cables. There’s a special groove for the Apple Watch cable, but the Lightning cable just comes through a hole in the back. The rounded bamboo finish is practical and blends in easily with most surroundings. This docking station is also a great value.

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Casetify Apple Watch Straps ($40+)

Casetify Apple Watch Straps

If you’re not keen on Apple’s bands, then you can find a wide selection of strap designs at Casetify. In fact, you can design your own strap if you don’t like any of the countless designs on offer. There’s an app for Android or iOS, making it easy for you to design a strap with your own photos. You’ll also find a lot of funky designs on display, created by a diverse group of artists. Each strap is polycarbonate, with stainless steel fixings, and you can customize the size.

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