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A battle-hardened samurai helmet inspired this luxury connected G-Shock watch

MR-G MRG-B2000SH Promotion movie: CASIO G-SHOCK

Most people will know Casio’s G-Shock line for watches like the Mudmaster, or the Frogman diver’s watch, but the brand also dabbles in luxury models too. The MR-G series represents the pinnacle of G-Shock’s designs, materials, and collaborations, and the latest is the MRG-B2000SH-5A Shougeki Maru — an $8,000 masterpiece with a bezel handcrafted by one of Japan’s best artisanal metalworkers.

If you’re wondering why you’d spend $8,000 on a G-Shock, just take a close look at the bezel here. The intricate design is hand-carved and unique to every watch, while the colors and textures continue onto the band itself, and have all been influenced by a traditional kabuto — the helmet worn by Japanese samurai — called the Shougeki Maru, an original art piece commissioned by Casio for the series.

Like previous MR-G G-Shock watches, the case and the band are made from titanium, and are finished in brown and blue ion titanium plating to create that unusual rusted steel look that recalls an aged, battle-used samurai helmet. The blue was chosen because of its similarity to the laces used to hold together a samurai’s armor. The watch’s unique finish is finalized when it goes through a deep-layer hardening process, ensuring it resists abrasion.

What makes MR-G watches really special to collectors, and fans of Japanese art, are the collaborations it strikes up. For the Shougeki Maru MR-G watch, Casio and G-Shock worked with Masao Kobayashi, a respected third-generation metal craftsman from the Shiga prefecture. MR-G watches have long celebrated Japanese craftsmanship, with previous models being made with Japanese swordsmiths, and to demonstrate unusual metal crafting techniques.

Unusually for a luxury watch, the MRG-B2000SH also incorporates connected Bluetooth technology. It links to your smartphone and the G-Shock Connected app to make using certain features easier and faster to use, including setting the world clock, activating timers, and using the stopwatch. The watch has solar charging so there’s no need to plug it in each night, and a full charge will last for 18 months. Additionally, the MR-G automatically adjusts the local time using radio wave technology, and of course, it has all the usual G-Shock toughness and 200-meter water resistance too.

The MRG-B2000SH was teased earlier this year, and is now ready for release. It’ll be available through G-Shock retail boutiques and through its online store from November. Only 400 will be available worldwide and if you’ve got the money, these sought-after collectors’ pieces are always highly desirable.

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