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Your cat can finally post to its own Instagram account with the Catstacam

catstagram wearable for cats catstacam
Why should humans have all the social networking fun? What about cats? They have interesting, varied lives (when they’re not sleeping), and may have a deep desire to share it with others. Thankfully, the Catstacam is here to let felines indulge in some narcissism previously reserved for us humans.

It’s a collar-worn camera with the ability to shoot six photos per minute, then upload the best ones to Instagram once it reconnects to Wi-Fi. Because cats find it difficult to use shutter buttons, the camera is activated by motion. It even comes in packaging that can be reused as a cat toy.

The result is a deluge of pictures taken from a cat’s point of view, all shared on their own Instagram accounts. Don’t believe us? How about this ingenious cat selfie taken by Footy_cat, using the Catstacam and a handy tablet?

A photo posted by @footy_cat on

Or the rarely seen underside of this car, snapped by bigjackson_cat? Pictures are grouped together using the #catstacam hashtag, and cat experts are on hand to analyze the pictures, and comment on cat behavior.

OK, we’ll come clean. Although the Catstacam is real, and the pictures shared on these Instagram accounts have been taken with it, the whole thing is a promo campaign by cat food brand Whiskas in Australia. At the moment, the cameras are being given to celebrity cat owners, or “famous” cats, and there are only a limited number of Catstacams in existence.

Cats post their own photos to Instagram

Will it ever go on sale as a real wearable for cats? Whiskas isn’t saying, but it’s not completely out of the question. You can see many of the cats sharing pictures on Whiskas Facebook page, where you can find links to all the cats currently posting using the Catstacam on Instagram.

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