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Disconnect from your phone with some stylish smart jewelry from Ela

Ela Setup Guide
Nobody likes a codependent relationship, but alas, we all seem to be in one with our phones. Really, we’ve become bad company, constantly checking a tiny rectangular screen for communication from someone other than the person sitting next to us, eternally refreshing a mailbox that we hope stays empty. But now, there’s a new piece of jewelry that may just save your relationship with everyone else. Meet Ela, a stylish bracelet that’s meant to help you disconnect from your smartphone without disconnecting from the world.

Think of Ela as a way to reassert your independence. The stylish pieces from the smart jewelry line allow you to decide which notifications are actually important, and deserving of your attention. Any one of the bracelets will allow you to prioritize alerts from your most important contacts, and customize each alert with a color glow and discreet vibration. You’re granted up to eight custom alerts from up to 15 people in your address book, which means you’ll stay available and plugged in, without being totally distracted by your phone.

The Ela also doubles as a health tracker, featuring live updated step tracking, as well as robust health data integrations with both Apple HealthKit and Google Health.

Setup promises to be relatively straightforward — simply download the app, visit the Ela website, and follow the provided instructions to pair your smart bracelet. The jewelry line comes in a variety of styles, but all of Ela’s center stones are made of Italian marble quartz paired with LED technology for a subtle soft illumination effect. And depending on the band style you select, your bracelet could be comprised of stainless steel, 18K gold plate, rhodium plate, or fine-quality leather.

The smart bracelet’s battery is said to last two to three days on a single charge, and while you don’t have to take off the Ela every time you wash your hands, the wearable is not waterproof, which means you can’t go swimming or into the shower with your bracelet on. You’ll also need to remain relatively close to your smartphone for the Ela to work — any more than 25 feet and you may not be connected. Ela is available at independent retailers across the nation and at, with styles starting at $195.

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