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HTC and Under Armour announce fitness system at CES 2016

HTC and Under Armour have announced a fitness system at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, which includes three new devices: a fitness band, heart-rate monitor, and a smart scale.

All three devices connect to Under Armour’s Record app, which offers detailed workout routines, health insights, and other information to help users who want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle.

“This system contains everything a consumer needs to better manage their health and fitness. Whether you are a high performance athlete or simply committed to improving your health,” said Wolfgang Muller, executive director of connected products at HTC.

The fitness band, named the UA Band, is an all-day fitness device that tracks daily activity, workouts, and sleep. The band shows contextual information on the LED display, and will also show your heart rate when partnered with the heart-rate monitor. It comes in black with a red-textured side to avoid moisture wicking.

The UA Heart Rate is a chest strap wearable that helps you monitor your heart rate while training. It also helps track the amount of calories burnt during training sessions, which will show up on the Record app.

The connected scale can measure weight and body fat percentage, and send the information to the Record app through Wi-Fi. The scale shows weight and other measurements through an LED display, which is invisible when not in use. It can support up to eight users, enough for most families or health groups.

All three of the devices will be packaged inside the Under Armour Healthbox, which will be available on January 22 for $400. Pre-orders start today for the three devices at HTC or Under Armour’s online store.

The fitness band available in the Under Armour Healthbox does not look like the Re Grip, which HTC announced last year. The device was delayed in July last year, and HTC has not said if the wearable has been cancelled or is coming sometime in the future.

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