Two unannounced LG smartwatches show up at the FCC, one with pictures in tow

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Motorola might have the most popular smartwatch without an Apple logo on it, but LG has become a leader in the category, too. The company launched one of the first Android Wear watches, and it made the first completely round smartwatch. So what’s next for LG?

Two LG watches recently passed through the FCC with the model numbers LG-VC110 and LG-VC200. Both watches are square with rounded corners like those on the ASUS ZenWatch. What’s even more interesting is that both watches include a CDMA radio that’s compatible with Verizon Wireless. They also include support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, as well as the usual Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

It appears the display size is the difference between the two devices. The VC-110 measures 56mm x 41.5mm, with a 45mm screen. On the other hand, the VC-200 has the same overall size of 56mm x 41.5mm, but its screen is listed at only 33mm. It’s an odd discrepancy, since a smaller display would normally mean a smaller overall device size.

Another interesting feature is an audio mini-jack, which was revealed in the VC-200 documents for the Bluetooth LE Test Report. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if the VC-110 has one, too, since the majority of the pages are missing.

Lastly, a mini USB port will be on the back of both devices based on images from the Label and Location pages from both FCC filings.


Thanks to a mistake, the Bluetooth LE Test Report for the VC110 show pictures of the device. However, the FCC didn’t make the same mistake with the VC200. The images below are of the VC110 only.


Although we don’t have images of the VS200, we can confirm that it will have the same squarish look. Ausdroid was able to pull an image of what appears to be from the Label and Location page, but it’s not currently present in the documents. This image also confirms the Verizon branding.


The last piece of the puzzle is the OS they are running. Unfortunately we have no idea. It could be Android Wear, but the presence of a headphone jack and CDMA connectivity probably mean that the watches will be on WebOS. LG’s only other smartwatch with cellular connectivity is the WebOS version of the Watch Urbane. There are currently no Android Wear smartwatches with cellular connectivity, and there has been no indication that Google would support it.

It’s possible that we might find out more about these watches at IFA next month, so stay tuned.

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