Why wear just one? This $9,000 Apple Watch band has an analog watch on it too

Luxury Swiss watch maker Nico Gerard understands some of its potential customers will want to wear the Apple Watch. Rather than complicate matters by producing a competing product, it has come up with the Pinnacle — which turns the Apple Watch into two watches. By replacing the strap with a specially designed model, the space previously occupied by the buckle is now home to an analogue watch face. Because wearing more than one watch at a time has always been the epitome of cool, and not at all pointless.

There’s more good news: It’s also really expensive. There are two versions, separated only by the color of the face, and you’ll pay at least $9,300 for the privilege of being publicly ridiculed. However, that price does include the Apple Watch, which is something.

The Swiss-made Nico Gerard Pinnacle has a 41mm casing, and is attached to a 38mm Apple Watch using the company’s special Papillon clasp, which folds in on itself to fit on your wrist. This puts either the Pinnacle on top of your wrist and the Apple Watch underneath, or vice versa.

Made from stainless steel, Nic Gerard doesn’t say how much the contraption weighs, but a Watch with the stainless steel band can come in at more than 100 grams, so expect it to be nearly double that. Banging one or other face against the table when eating/writing/typing won’t get old quickly either.

Now, perhaps we’ve got it all wrong, and this is really the best idea in the world. It’s just a little bit too cheap. Nico Gerard has thought of this and made the 18-karat gold Pinnacle Sunrise, which comes attached to a 38mm Apple Watch Edition, and it costs $112,000. There are just 88 being made, while 99 regular Pinnacle watches are on the production sheet.

Pre-orders for the Pinnacle are being taken now, but you’ll have around 8 months to wait before it arrives. Plenty of time to regret such a bizarre purchasing decision.