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Keep warm without the layers with ThermalTech's solar-powered outerwear

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Given that it’s winter, it seems fitting that startup ThermalTech would announce an Indiegogo campaign on what it calls “the world’s first solar-powered smart fabric” to help you stay warm without having to layer up when venturing outside.

The clothing is made from stainless steel yarn, which absorbs energy from the sun and artificial light sources, and then generates up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in only two minutes, despite already being cold outside. However, the cold range isn’t very wide, according to the company’s Indiegogo description, saying that it “works great from 55-30-degrees (F).”

Designed to be water-repellent, ultra-thin, and lightweight, the stainless steel is mesh fabric meant to be breathable and lighter than other heat-storing materials found in other outerwear. ThermalTech claims that up to three pounds of weight can be shed from what other winter jackets currently have. They also say it’s completely safe to throw in the washing machine.

While the company notes that other types of clothing, including shirts and pants, can be made the same way, it’s starting out with jackets first in this crowdfunding campaign.

There are three different styles in various colors for both men and women. Street, coming in dark blue and green, is supposed to be the fashionable one. Explorer, coming light blue and red, is casual. Extreme, in black or gray, is aimed at being active outdoors in the cold. The latter two are generally made for spending more time outdoors, with an extra bit of material to make them a tad bit warmer off the bat. All come with hoodies attached and exits for headphones.

The Early Bird special is limited, but does offer 50 percent off on all jackets for those who get in as early backers, starting at $139 with the discount applied. All the styles will still be available after the early bird is filled up on the Indiegogo page.

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