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Wear me to the ball game: Zepp 2 sensor adds Smart Coach system to improve form

Zepp’s sensors have been offering people data for how they engage in certain sports for a while, and now the company has announced the Zepp 2 sensor to help better your form even further.

While the new sensor looks similar, it now features a more rounded design, allowing it to pack a bigger, eight-hour-lasting battery, two gyroscopes, and two accelerometers, and it utilizes Bluetooth low energy.

The Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 sensor can be placed in a rubber holder and attached to the bottom of a bat, and the Zepp Golf 2 can be attached in a clip you fix onto your golf glove. As you swing, the respective app for each sport tracks your form and will offer feedback on how you did. This is similar to what the old app did with the first Zepp sensor, but it didn’t really offer a method for people to use the data.

But the biggest feature Zepp is unveiling today wants to change that. The Smart Coach training system will now add advice and steps for you to improve your last swing, and the programs that are recommended come from established athletes such as Mike Trout, Jennie Finch, Michelle Wie, and Keegan Bradley.


So essentially, once you pair with the app and take your first few swings with the Zepp 2 sensor, the updated app will show you in what area you need to improve, and will pair you with a training program to get started. Once you complete a program, you can reevaluate yourself again to see your improvements.

Of course in this day and age, who doesn’t want to share their progress to social media? The app will let you share your data or photos to any social media channel you want, or you can share it to the Zepp community. There’s a feed where you can see other Zepp user’s activity.

The updated app will be available to all Zepp owners, which means you’ll get access to Smart Coach without having to buy a Zepp 2 sensor. Unfortunately, those with the older sensor won’t be able to get recommended programs, and will have to search for programs themselves through the app.

The apps are being updated today, and the Zepp 2 sensors, for gold, baseball, and softball are also available now for purchase at $150.

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