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Save on movies, music, and more with the best Amazon Digital Day deals

Can you ever have too many sales? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are swell, but there are still 365 days in a year, most of which do not offer you great deals on the latest goods. Amazon has taken its next step toward a veritable calendar of sales with Digital Day, during which Amazon users can get discounts on an assortment of digital goods, including movies, albums, video games, and so on. The sheer number of items on sale may be overwhelming, however, so we’ve rounded up some of the best deals.


Bon Iver — 22, A Million ($5)

The latest release from Bon Iver finds singer-songwriter Justin Vernon drowning his plaintive voice amid dense instrumentation. The heavily electronic sound may be a radical departure from the acoustic songs Bon Iver was once known for, but the result is an album of mournful — and occasionally transcendent — beauty.


A Tribe Called Quest — We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service ($5)

One of hip-hop’s foundational groups reunited in 2016 for its first album in nearly 20 years. We Got It From Here… will feel immediately familiar to fans, with a warm mix of funk, jazz, and rap that belies the album’s textured production and intricate lyrics. The late Phife Dawg would be proud.


Sturgill Simpson — Metamodern Sounds in Country Music ($5)

On Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, country-music psychonaut Sturgill Simpson breathes new life into a genre many may find stale, blending old-school outlaw riffs with lush production. The album is a celebration of traditional styles, yes, but it’s also one that looks to the future.


Movies & Television

Hell or High Water ($8)

This modern Western stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster as bank-robbing brothers, and Jeff Bridges as the lawman trying to catch them. Beautifully shot and acted, Hell or High Water has a quiet intensity that sets it apart from most of today’s crime films.


Star Trek Beyond ($7)

The latest Star Trek film finds Kirk (Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and a familiar Enterprise crew stranded without their ship. Scattered on a wild planet, they must come together and battle a devious foe (pyrotechnics and humor in tow).



Life is Strange — Complete Season ($5)

This episodic adventure game casts players as a teenager who develops the ability to rewind time. She uses this power to try and solve problems, but soon discovers there are wild consequences. Life is Strange was released in 2015, sure, but it remains one of the better story-driven games for any platform.


Final Fantasy VI ($8, Android only)

One of the best entries in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, FFVI task players with exploring a vibrant world that’s brimming with powerful enemies. The game also has a large cast of unique characters, whose stories diverge and intersect frequently. The killer soundtrack is just a plus.

Buy it now from:


Tomb Raider ($5)

This reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise reimagines protagonist Lara Croft as a young archaeology student who is forced to survive in the wilderness after an expedition to the mythical island of Yamatai goes awry. Players must forage for supplies and gear throughout a host of vivid environments, while using Lara’s skill to deal with dangers both human and otherwise. Thankfully, the game’s combat is as great as the Croft’s own evolution.


Madden NFL 2017 ($30, PlayStation 4 edition only)

The latest in this popular football series allows gamers to take control of their favorite players and teams for the current season. The game includes a variety of single and multiplayer modes that should keep players entertained until the next installment lands in August. Let’s just hope your favorite tight end doesn’t grace the cover — the Madden Curse is a thing.


Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition ($5)

The Saints Row franchise is essentially Grand Theft Auto taken to its most extreme, and Saints Row IV is the most outlandish game yet, one that puts players in control of a gang-leader-turned-President who must thwart an alien invasion. With tons of zany side missions and an arsenal odd weapons, Saints Row IV is one of the best open-world games in years.


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