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Dell Makes Indian Retail Deal

Dell Makes Indian Retail Deal

At a news conference last week, Dell indicated it planned to introduce new computer models specifically for the Chinese and Indian computer markets. Now, word comes that the number-two computer maker has made a deal with Infinity Retail to put Dell notebook and desktop computers in India’s Croma retail stores beginning this April.

“The agreement with Croma will strengthen Dell’s consumer presence in India, making our products more accessible to more customers,” said Dell VP of sales and marketing Michael Tatelman, in a statement.

There are currently 17 Croma stores operating in India; the units slated to be available in Croma outlets will be tailored to the Indian market. In August 2007, Dell opened a production facility in in the southern Indian state of Tamil that can produce 400,000 computers per month. Those systems have been sold exclusively to the Indian market.

The move marks the computer maker’s latest foray into retail offerings as it struggles to regain it’s title as the world’s top computer maker. Dell famously only sold computers directly to customers for many years; however, falling sales and a series of management gaffes led the company to re-partner with retailers, putting computers into retailers like Wal-mart and Best Buy in the United States, Carrefour in Europe, and GOME in China.

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