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Communicate better with Fleep and its efficient messaging system

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Communication is great and all, but at some point, it can feel like a little too much. After all, how are you supposed to get actual work done when you’re spending all your time distracted by pings and gifs and, well, noise? Fleep has an answer — you don’t. But now, the Tallinn-based startup created by ex-Skype engineers, is looking to support non-intrusive communication for quicker, more collaborative conversations. This should improve efficiency and reduce the cacophony of traditional workplace communications.

On Wednesday, the project team messenger app announced the launch of Fleep Teams, which allows users to create teams from Fleep’s open network. And along with the company’s recent email integration, these two features allow for communication among participants both internal and external to any given organization. Promising to be entirely user-centric, with no online statuses or repeat notifications, Fleep strips down messaging to its bare bones, focusing simply on getting the message across.

And thus far, it’s gotten the message across to 50,000 users.

“I am delighted to see steady growth of our user base and I am very thankful to all our users. We have been building Fleep with the focus on removing barriers from business communication,” said Fleep CEO Henn Ruukel. “The common theme in our user feedback is that they love Fleep’s openness, being able to collaborate and work with others within and outside their organization, with all the project teams they belong to. With the launch of Fleep Teams we are making it much easier to create and manage teams and team conversations, which ensures users can focus on their work and deliverables.”

With users across 100 countries and a multiplicity of industries, Fleep says it’s best suited for companies where project-based collaboration is key to everyday work (which feels like … every company). As Sander Gansen, Chief Marketing Officer of Shipitwise (another Tallinn-based startup) said, “It’s critical for our team to be able to chat across different projects, to allow us to help businesses around the world with their international shipping. We were using Fleep long before starting the company and have found it essential in managing the conversations of our fast growing team.”

So if other messaging apps are getting a bit too loud as of late, you may want to consider checking out Fleep instead.

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