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Google Buys Korean Blogging Outfit TNC

Google Buys Korean Blogging Outfit TNC

Google might be one of the top players in the industry in many parts of the world, but in South Korea its market share can be fairly described as “tiny”—and South Korea is the one of the largest online markets in the world. So, in an effort to boost its profile, Google has made a deal to acquire Tatter and Company (TNC) for an undisclosed amount.

Announcing the acquisition on his personal blog, TNC CEO Chang-Won Kim says the acquisition means Google takes the Korean market seriously, and TNC represents Google’s first major acquisition in Asia, omitting deals in Australia and licensing deals in China. Kim attributes Google small market share the quality of Korean portal sites, but believes the company’s TextCube blogging service, which integrates social networking concepts, may help Google gain a foothold in “de-portalizing” Korea—and Google, in turn, should be able to help globalize TextCube.

Google isn’t a stranger to blogging services: it bought Blogger back in 2003.

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